Why are new home inspections so important?
    • Last updated July 6, 2023
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Why are new home inspections so important?

Posted By go inspect     July 6, 2023    


Because issues haven't had time to set up or show themselves, inspecting brand-new construction is the trickiest.


A new-home inspection has to pay more attention to identifying possible issues than it does to confirming the presence of ones that have previously been addressed. Because brand-new houses have never been lived in, any missed wiring or other building flaws have never been discovered and fixed. Pre Handover Inspection Brisbane is pretty important. There are no signs or symptoms to investigate. As a result, the test has to put an emphasis on the candidate's familiarity with safety regulations and sound construction practices. Each job responsibility and system structure must be assessed. The most common issues in building a new house are:



Accessories, such as humidifiers, condensate pumps, and air cleaners, are typically overlooked when installing a heating and cooling system. During construction, ducts are frequently disregarded or obstructed by rubbish. New Home Inspections Brisbane will always help you. It's common for HVAC systems to be inadequate. Blue tags on gas lines mean they have been inspected and are OK to go. The thermostat's placement in the furnace need to be enough for complete zone control. Ducts for heating and cooling systems that pass through unheated areas should be properly insulated. Exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens should be installed correctly. The air conditioner needs to be adjusted and elevated above ground. Construction debris and dust should not have been packed inside the furnace's filter, which should have been changed.


Plumbing and Bathrooms - Because plumbing issues are so easily seen, they are rarely a concern in brand-new properties. On the other hand, you should be sure of the following: Turn on every sink and flush the toilet. New Home Inspections Gold Coast are outstanding. Seek for any potential leaks in the soldering. Inspect the traps in the sinks for any signs of leaks. Water hammer might be an indication of pipes that have come loose in the wall. Inspect the tub and shower for dripping faucets; the strapping is typically gone. Inspect for pipes that aren't properly secured. Make sure that all of the fittings are secure.


There should have been an inspection sticker on the service panel from the building inspector. Practical Completion Inspection Brisbane is indeed excellent. All of the wiring and labeling at the service panel's breakers should be finished. The plumbing system should also be grounded electrically. The lights, outlets, and switches must all be operational. After work is complete, there should be no broken fixtures. People usually hire Handover Inspection Gold Coast. It is imperative that all wiring in the attic, crawl space, and any areas wired per specific request be double verified.



People who are looking to purchase a home tend to be "very picky" when it comes to the kitchen and other interior finishes. It's OK to overlook minor flaws in a newly built home. However, at the very least, these things need to be checked: All window and door locks work properly. New Build Inspection Brisbane has been doing a fantastic work. Many household appliances have not been tested and should be examined. Make sure the flooring and walls are perfectly level and plumb. Verify the ground level. A well-tiled home is the icing on the cake. Inspect the mirrors and plumbing fittings for any signs of damage. Ensure the base molding has been finished. New Home Inspections Ipswich are used widely.