mould production process
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mould production process

Posted By xiu umin     November 26, 2020    


Taizhou Huangyan Rongwei Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan, the hometown of moulds in China. We have the most advanced mold manufacturing equipment and the most qualified trained employees. household appliances mould is one of the products we mainly promote.

A mold is a tool for producing plastic products. It is composed of several groups of parts, and this combination consists of a molding cavity. During injection molding, the mold is clamped on the injection molding machine, the molten plastic is injected into the molding cavity, cooled and shaped in the cavity, and then the upper and lower molds are separated, and the product is ejected from the cavity and out of the mold through the ejection system, and finally the mold is closed For the next injection, the entire injection molding process is carried out cyclically.

Molds can be divided into plastic molds and non-plastic molds:

Non-plastic molds include: casting mold (faucet, pig iron platform), forging mold (car body), stamping mold (computer panel), die casting mold (super alloy, cylinder block).

Plastic molds are divided into injection molding molds (TV housing, keyboard buttons), blow molds (beverage bottles), compression molding molds (bakelite switches, scientific porcelain dishes), and transfer molding according to the different production processes and products produced. Mold (integrated circuit products).

The most significant household product mold is the household appliance mold. High-speed processing, generally used for large household appliances cover molds, the surface processing accuracy can reach 0.01mm. High-speed milling and finishing of the surface of household appliances molds can be used with only a small amount of polishing to save a lot of grinding and polishing time. High-speed processing significantly shortens the molding cycle, thereby improving the market competitiveness of products.

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