Some Quality of Life Tips to Ease Your OSRS Experience

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Some Quality of Life Tips to Ease Your OSRS Experience

Posted By wlw John     November 26, 2020    


Are you a newcomer to OSRS? Are you a veteran ever coming back after a prolonged hiatus? Or have you been just somebody who just uses a little bit of any refresher? Whichever you're, this post is for you! Some of these tips really are a blind spot with many players, specifically those who don't explore the settings or speak to NPCs frequently.

Shift-Click Dropping. This is really a must-try setting for any individual looking to level up skills or hunting Cheap OSRS GP. By default, you should click Drop Item within the menu if you hover or select an item. If you're planning to drop many items, it'll take time to do that. Activate this setting around the options menu, and you may just hold shift and left-simply click everything you would like to drop. It's the easiest way to eliminate your inventory of junk!

Bank PIN settings. Many players would rather not check out motions of inputting their PIN every time they sign in. That, however, leaves them vulnerable if they get hacked. It's still a little security well worth the hassle. You can always the choice is yours to not ask when you've logged out for just five minutes to reduce the inconvenience. It comes in handy in the event you took a rest to go to stained and find yourself logged out. If the timing's right, you don't ought to input your PIN again.

Ammunition management. Talking to Lumbridge's instructors will give you the option to equip purchased ammunition directly or keep it in inventory when you get it. This includes runes, which may be put in a rune bag. After you have the ammunition, the ammunition should be moved to the quiver.

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