Children Wooden Toys Wholesale-----Reading Is No Longer Alone

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Children Wooden Toys Wholesale-----Reading Is No Longer Alone

Posted By jingdian classic     November 29, 2020    


Reading, for children, is an important way to understand the world. Children’s reading ability is closely related to their future learning ability. Therefore, in the wave of education reforms that have been set off in countries around the world in recent years, children’s reading has been implemented as an important education policy.

But if reading is regarded as a part of the homework that must be completed, it will undoubtedly become a burden for children, and they will also have resistance in their hearts, which is not conducive to cultivating children's interest in reading. In an age full of temptations on the Internet, how to let children put aside games and TV, and take the initiative to read in the library? Perhaps it is enough to create a comfortable, interesting and free reading space!

There is a community public library in Tennessee, USA. The children's area here is very visually impactful, creating a fairy tale world for children. The entrance to the children’s area is decorated with stacks of books. A huge story tree stands beside the entrance. The electronic owl will greet the children entering the children’s area.

The wall of the children’s area is a fairy tale forest, and the children’s bookshelves are hidden under the trees. The seat is also designed to look like a book, and there are all kinds of children wooden toys on the side. The children sit on the book and read together with the bunny wooden crafts, immersed in fairy tales.

This library also provides many interesting activities for children. Every month there is Lego time and reading activities in summer. There are also puppets, children wooden toys, magic, music, small animal shows, etc. to make reading no longer boring. .

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