Important Features You Should Check in a Storage Unit
    • Last updated July 14, 2023
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Important Features You Should Check in a Storage Unit

Posted By ankeny ministorage     July 14, 2023    


At some point in our lives, most of us will use the services of a storage facility. This makes perfect sense, given that storage mart rage facilities offer a safe and convenient place to keep a wide variety of items. You can store practically anything in one of your containers. That is why modern warehousing encompasses such a wide variety of services, from standard green acres storage units to storage rents for items as varied as furniture, boats, and automobiles.


However, there are several important details that a novice storage facility shopper should remember before signing a lease.




Overall, it is more practical to have a unit close to your house, unless the one further away has much better features. Instead of renting covered green acres storage ankeny container, though, you would be better off keeping your RV at a facility close to your house.



Modern warehouses typically have multiple unit sizes available. Pick the one that serves your current and future needs the best.



The security systems in modern warehouses are among the best in the world. Still, a preliminary inspection is advisable. Be cautious to check if the aaa storage ankeny facility has,


  • Security cameras and alarm systems
  • Constant presence of security personnel
  • Detectors for fire and smoke

You are allowed to bring your own padlock for further security.



In most cases, the storage mart ankeny facility owner will offer insurance to its customers, but it is still important to verify that the coverage adequately protects against any potential disasters.


Perils like lightning, fires, earthquakes, civil disturbances, flood, and robbery should all be covered.

* Before filing an insurance claim, make sure you know what is not covered.

* Familiarize yourself with the process of determining the value of your items and the steps to take in the case of a claim.


Unit with Climate Control

Items of great value and sentimental significance must be protected from the elements. Long-term storage unit requires climate control to protect sensitive things like antiques, furniture, and electronics from the elements. For climate control to be effective, the indoor temperature must be kept above 32 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the winter and below 90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the summer. Additionally, the humidity level is controlled to be optimal. Instruments, hardwood furniture, and cameras are all susceptible to damage from high humidity levels. Even though climate control will increase your costs, the price you pay to protect your belongings is money well spent.




The price of storage units near me depends on a lot of factors, including the dimension of the unit and the length of the lease. Naturally, if you want a climate-controlled flat, you may need to pay more. Choosing a rental that is too large for your needs might be rather costly. Low-value objects are not good investments for long-term storage. Instead of renting storage space, getting rid of clutter at home is preferable.

A storage facility that meets your needs will give you peace of mind, security, and proper protection for your valuables.