Management trend of silicone drainage system
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Management trend of silicone drainage system

Posted By myworldgocom myworldgocom     July 17, 2023    


As an important part of hospital management and control costs, the management and control of consumables has become an important part of hospital operation. How to make the hospital patient-centered, medical staff work as efficiently as possible, and realize reasonable logistics costs while ensuring the smooth supply of drugs and consumables and the sharing of information resources have become an urgent issue for hospitals to solve.

Due to the relatively relaxed silicone drainage system under the policy and the strict control of drug costs, there is an endless phenomenon that hospitals share the total cost by increasing the use of consumables, which makes it an inevitable trend of medical insurance policies to standardize the management of medical consumables. The Health Commission issued the "Guidance on the Establishment of a modern hospital management system", in which the policy of "second - and third-level hospitals to fully implement performance management and improve hospital operation efficiency" means that whether it is medical insurance or medical institutions, the management of consumables will be relaxed to strict.

Use standardization to solve the logistics scheme in the hospital

1, standardized use

Standardization in hospital management is the premise and basis of hospital logistics. The hospital drug and consumable logistics are operated on a professional logistics platform, and the optimized application of materials in operation scenarios can be achieved through standardized processes, which can improve operational efficiency and reduce errors while reducing the quality requirements of management personnel.

Standardized storage, transportation and distribution systems

Like the role played by containers in international trade, modular base parts are crucial in hospital logistics schemes, running through hospital drugs and consumables logistics operation scenarios to optimize material applications. The modular base in the figure is the international standard medical basket, and derived from the medical shelves, medical cabinets, medical workbench, medical cart hardware equipment, the establishment of a standardized storage, transportation, distribution system. This is not simply a medical basket or a medical plate, it is a workflow system that can multiply work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, avoid mistakes as much as possible, and improve patient safety.

2. Standardization has an impact on hospital logistics

Space management

Whether it is the adjustable space combination structure of modular medical baskets in line with international standards, or the design of positioning holes and side plates in medical shelves, medical cabinets, and medical carts, the multi-purpose structure is optimized for the storage, transportation, and distribution of materials. Compared with the traditional storage method, the storage is increased by 35% and the space management is optimized.

Sensory control in hospital

The modular base medical basket is made of ABS antibacterial material, alloy material of medical shelf, and the structure is splice type, without welding. The integrated design of medical cabinet and medical cart is conducive to cleaning and disinfection. Through the standardized system design, the process of storage, transportation and distribution of medical items is also reduced, reducing the risk of infection in the hospital.

Efficient work

Modular medical baskets, medical shelves, medical cabinets, medical carts have visual signs or information numbers, which are conducive to management; The product follows the ergonomic design to facilitate the use or movement of materials, reduce the fatigue of medical staff, improve the work efficiency of medical staff, and improve patient safety.

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