A Better Option to Play for Our Kids

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A Better Option to Play for Our Kids

Posted By ilovewooden toys     Jul 18    


Wooden toys provide a rustic charm to a celebration that is simply not present in plastic toys. This is why they remain popular toys even though they are thousands of years old & compete with more modern alternatives. They are timeless in their design, and their high quality ensures that they will be passed down from older to younger siblings and beyond.

Toys from the prehistoric period (about 4,000 years ago) were almost exclusively crafted from wood. Roman children played games akin to chess with small carved wooden pieces and with bigger copies of chariots and horses for role playing. A mapmaker, created the first jigsaw puzzle out of wood to aid in geography education. Wooden puppets and Wooden Name Train were use in entertainment for kids. In the Victorian era, elegant and pricey wooden doll houses entered the market. And after WWI, it was common to see children playing with model airplanes and cars made from wood.


Wooden toys like Wooden Train Set are making a comeback as people become more environmentally conscious. They do not need batteries, are created from a renewable resource, and are simple to recycle. Toys created locally help the community and the environment by avoiding the pollution caused by shipping.

Our kids can play much more safely with Wooden Toys Australia. Wooden toys are safer than plastic ones since they do not harbor germs and cannot produce harmful chemicals when bitten on. Because they can be used in so many various games, they also help our kids develop their imaginations. They are not a toy with only one use that fosters inattention and stunted creativity. Shape sorters, construction blocks, and model craft kits are just a few examples of the age-appropriate toys that feature them. The vast majority are instructive, helping your kid build motor skills and problem-solving techniques while having a blast.


Toy manufacturers who follow all the rules and are respectful of the environment are a rarity, but they do exist. Do not assume the quality of Educational Wooden Toys simply because it is wooden. There is a chance that the wood is poisonous or that the paint is carcinogenic. Make sure the company you are purchasing from uses FSC-approved wood and non-toxic paints.

Toys have a profound impact on children’s development and their outlook on the world. Play kitchens, houses, and automobiles are just a few examples of the many toys that are designed to teach kids important life skills while still being entertaining. As a result, it is important to give kids toys that help them develop important abilities like motor coordination, logic, and creativity as they play. You can help your kids develop environmentally responsible habits by buying them eco-friendly toys and explaining why it is important.

A wooden dowel may not seem like much at first glance. Most people’s first thought as they see a plank of wood is not of a flurry of creative activity. But for a few lucky people, inspiration strikes and they quickly pick up the skills necessary to put their ideas down on paper.