Best Mobile Pirate Game

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Best Mobile Pirate Game

Posted By Diddy Kong     July 19, 2023    


Hi there, that’s quite a statement, but hear me out for a second. I’d like to tell you why Pirate’s Boom Boom is one of the best new pirate games out there and why you should download it for free!

The mobile market has been flooded with mediocre games for quite some time. Games with bad graphics, poor design, music, they are mostly there to make a quick buck. In other cases, where the gameplay can be quite fun, the other elements get neglected, the game is considered good, but not great.

So what is the difference between a good game and a great game? Simple – a great game teaches! A great game develops skills, ideas, strategies and points of view to overcome difficulties and odds. It shows you how to win and how to take a loss, but most importantly it draws you in for you not to give up, to try again and again and then ultimately succeed. Taking in those lessons and applying them to real life challenges and develops you as a human. Contrary to an outdated, though popular belief that games are a waste of time, I think a great game can be an amazing teacher!

I’ve played video games for 30 years, from fighting games, side-scrollers and RPGs to shooters and action games. I’ve played them both for fun and at a highly competitive level and my experience guided Pirate’s Boom Boom to be a great teacher and not just one of the many pirate games online.

When we designed Pirate’s Boom Boom, this is how we made it fun, challenging and empowering – all on your mobile device and free to play! We created a challenging experience that naturally conforms to your level of skill by breaking the linearity of the traditional Arcade experience. It lets you adjust your journey at your own pace and teaches you the necessary skills to overcome great odds.

We wanted to share this incredible world that we’ve built and to entangle you with our heroes, Pirate & Crow. Normally pirates in video games are villains, but in our world they are the true underdogs you want to root for. The many fleets of enemy ships, armadas and special characters you are up against in the Arcade mode feel impossible, until you get talents and special items that reverse the tides.

 The tiny boat in the middle of the ocean becomes a floating tank, your slow cannon transforms into a “gatling gun” that rips through anything in its path and Crow becomes one hell of a side-kick – now they fear you! This design philosophy challenges your approach to each level and pits you into different circumstances. It challenges you to play better, smarter, be more creative and cunning. The lessons of the Arcade mode are the very lessons of success and perseverance.Try playing Pirate’s Boom Boom on iOS and Android, and tell us if it’s one of the best free games to play right now.  If not, tell us why and what we can do to improve and make it a top rated mobile pirate game of all time!