What are the characteristics of the steel structure warehouse?

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What are the characteristics of the steel structure warehouse?

Posted By zhou zhou     December 13, 2018    


A steel structure house is a house structure. Nowadays, more and more people choose steel structure warehouse, then what are the advantages?

The superior characteristics of the steel structure warehouse are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • High material strength: Although the bulk density of steel is large, the strength is much higher. Compared with other building materials, the ratio of the bulk density to the yield point of steel is the smallest.
  • The weight of the house is light: the steel content of the main structure of the steel structure house is usually around 25KG-80KG, and the weight of the color profiled steel plate is less than 10KG. The weight of the steel structure house is only 1/8-1/3 of the structure of the concrete, which can greatly reduce the cost of the foundation.
  • Safe and reliable: the steel material is uniform, isotropic, has large elastic modulus, and has good plasticity and toughness. It is an ideal elastic-plastic body, so the steel structure housing is accurate and reliable.
  • High degree of industrial production: mass production in batches with high manufacturing precision. The construction method of factory manufacturing and site installation can greatly shorten the construction period and improve economic benefits.
  • Aesthetic: The steel structure of the house is a color profiled steel plate with a service life of 30 years without fading and no rust. Due to the variety of color steel plates, the building lines are clear, the view is comfortable, and it is easier to shape.
  • Reusable: The main frame connection of the steel structure house is connected by high-strength bolts. The retaining plate is self-tapping and connecting. It is convenient to disassemble. If the building needs to be relocated, just remove the bolt and transport the steel structure to the required place. Just combine.
  • Good seismic performance: steel structure houses have large toughness and elasticity due to the main reconstituted heavy components. The shear and torsion resistance of the purlins and the support between columns and beams greatly enhance the stability of the overall structure. .
  • Wide range of applications: Steel structure houses are suitable for all kinds of industrial plants, warehouses, supermarkets, high-rise buildings, etc.

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