Best Courier Export
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Best Courier Export

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Best Courier Export UPS UPS details UPS express, also known as United Parcel Express service company, is the world's largest express carrier and parcel delivery company. UPS's large parcel service is well-known in Europe and the United States, especially in America. It is a cooperative logistics provider of Amazon warehouse in the United States. It can deliver goods directly to the warehouse without appointment and has priority to be put on the shelves. Keensta has cooperated with UPS for many years. It has its own UPS account, tracking the whole process, low discount and fast timeliness. Fast and convenient Reference delivery time: 2-5 working days. The transit time should base on the receipt of this express on consignee鈥檚 hands. In case of irresistible factors such as vehicle inspection by the customs, the time limit for delivery shall be approved by the customs. UPS piece parcel weight limit per below (1) The longest side (length) of any package 锛?70 cm; (2) the sum of the three sides of any parcel (that is: *2+ (long + high)) is 锛?419 centimeters. (3) Any piece package weighs 锛?8 kg Special note: UPS does not accept packages that exceed the above three conditions, UPS operators will reject the package once they discovery above package. If such packages are arranged for export due to omission, UPS will complete the delivery service and automatically charge 388 * extra fuel to the sending customers. When this fee is charged, other surcharges will still be charged normally (including large parcel surcharges and additional service charges - both will be charged at the same time). Please consult our salesman for details. Prohibited items: counterfeit fake brand goods, spray containers, alcoholic liquids, asbestos, butane lighter, medical waste, toxic substances, corrosive items, counterfeit banknotes, medicines, dry ice, inflammable and explosive materials, obscene articles, over standard magnetic materials, oxides and organic peroxide, weapons and ammunition, soluble paints and coatings, and other articles prohibited by local law. Restricted articles: batteries, articles containing batteries, drugs for emergency medical treatment or scientific research, guns for sports, live animals, non-standard magnetic articles, perishable articles, radioactive articles, vaccines, etc. Please consult the salesman for details INSURANCE CLAIMS Scope of claims 1) For packages bought with insurance, the insurance charge and compensation shall be implemented according to the "insurance service" agreement of Keensta. 2) Claims for uninsured packages shall be settled according to UPS service terms, but the maximum compensation for each shipment shall not exceed $100.Best Courier Export website: