RichAds Vs. 7Search PPC For Adult Ad Network

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RichAds Vs. 7Search PPC For Adult Ad Network

Posted By Adult Ads     August 26, 2023    


When it comes to running an adult ad network, the choice of the right ad platform can make all the difference. Two popular options for adult ad networks are RichAds and 7Search PPC. Both platforms provide unique advantages and disfavors, making it essential to compare them to determine the best choice for your needs.

In this blog, we will look in-depth at RichAds and 7Search PPC, comparing their features, pricing, support, targeting options, and more. Whether you are a seasoned adult advertiser or just starting with adult ad networks, this blog will help you make an informed decision and maximize your adult advertising budget.

So, let's dive in and see how RichAds and 7Search PPC stack up against each other.

Topics We Will Cover:

  • What is an Adult Ad Network?
  • Introduction to 7Search PPC and RichAds
  • Traffic Quality Comparison: Which Platform Provides Better Results?
  • Targeting Options Comparison: Which Platform Offers More Customization?
  • Ad Format Comparison: Which Platform Supports More Ad Formats? 
  • Cost Comparison: Which Platform is More Affordable for Adult Advertisers? 
  • Conclusion: Which Platform is the Best Choice for Adult Advertisers?

What is an Adult Ad Network?

An adult ad network is a digital advertising network specializing in adult-oriented content. These networks provide a platform for digital advertisers to promote adult products, services, websites, and other adult-related materials to the targeted audience across multiple websites. Advertising on adult networks is an effective way for businesses in the adult industry to reach their target audience.

The ad networks partner with adult websites and publishers to display ads of the advertiser’s products or services to the website’s visitors. The targeted audience is anyone interested in adult content or products such as lovemaking toys, adult entertainment, and dating websites. Different ad formats, such as banners, pop-ups, videos, and native ads, can be used in adult ad networks, depending on the publisher and the advertiser's preferences.

One of the advantages of adult advertising networks is the ability to quickly reach a large audience, including people who are highly likely to be interested in the goods or services being promoted. This targeting is achieved by the ad network's advanced targeting options, such as demographics, geographic, and device targeting.

Introduction to 7Search PPC and RichAds:

7Search PPC?

7Search PPC is a digital advertising platform that connects advertisers with publishers. The platform utilizes a pay-per-click model, meaning advertisers only pay for clicks their ads receive. 7Search PPC is known for its strict fraud detection measures and user-friendly interface, offering advertisers advanced targeting options, real-time reporting, and dedicated support.

7Search PPC's advanced targeting capabilities allow advertisers to reach their ideal customers precisely. Advertisers can target by location, device, language, and more. The platform also has reasonably priced advertising packages that cater to various budgets, making it an affordable option for small businesses.


RichAds is a revolutionary digital advertising platform specializing in push and pop traffic. The platform provides a range of ad formats, including direct and full-page pop-unders, push notifications, and banners. It allows advertisers to reach their desired audience on multiple devices.

The platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize ad delivery, ensuring that ads reach high-quality traffic while maximizing engagement and conversion rates. With competitive pricing, a user-friendly interface, and dedicated support, RichAds is a popular choice for advertisers looking to increase their brand visibility and ROI.

Traffic Quality Comparison: Which Platform Provides Better Results?

7Search PPC:-

  • 7Search PPC has a solid reputation for providing high-quality traffic for the adult niche.
  • The platform has an experienced team that curates its inventory carefully, ensuring that all traffic is legitimate and compliant.
  • 7Search PPC has a strict policy against fraudulent traffic, making it one of the safest places for advertisers to run their campaigns.
  • The platform is known for delivering clean, targeted traffic that is more likely to induce conversions.
  • 7Search PPC's focus on quality traffic means that advertisers can expect higher ROI and lower risk of fraudulent activities.
  • The platform offers advanced targeting options, including location, device, and demographic targeting.
  • 7Search PPC is an affordable platform for Adult advertising. It allows advertisers to maximize their ROI.
  • The platform offers excellent consumer support, with a responsive team to assist advertisers whenever needed.


  • Offers high-quality traffic for adult advertising
  • Utilizes machine learning algorithms and precise targeting options
  • Has an advanced fraud detection system to block suspicious traffic
  • Ensures that only legitimate users visit an advertiser's website

Targeting Options Comparison: Which Platform Offers More Customization?

- 7Search PPC offers a broad range of targeting options for advertisers. These targeting options include geographic, device, demographic, and interest targeting.

- This platform allows advertisers to reach their intended audience more accurately.

- 7Search PPC offers advanced targeting options such as Target by Hour, Target by Connection Speed, and Target by Language, further providing additional customization beyond basic targeting options. In contrast, RichAds offers limited targeting options compared to 7Search PPC.

- RichAds only offers geographic targeting, device targeting, and whitelists/blacklists, less diverse than 7Search PPC's options.

- 7Search PPC also has an advanced targeting system that uses data from ad campaigns to create custom target audiences based on interests and behaviors. This means advertisers can target specific users more likely to convert, improving ROI.

Ad Format Comparison: Which Platform Supports More Ad Formats?

7Search PPC provides several ad formats, including text ads, banner ads, and pop-ups. While RichAds also provides some of these ad formats, their options are limited compared to 7Search PPC. Additionally, 7Search PPC offers video ads as an ad format, which allows advertisers to create more engaging and interactive ads that showcase their brand.

RichAds does not currently offer video ads as an option for advertisers. Moreover, 7Search PPC offers responsive ads that adjust to different devices and screen sizes, ensuring the ads look good and function correctly on any device. RichAds does not currently provide this option.

7Search PPC allows advertisers to create and run mobile and desktop ads, while RichAds only enables desktop ads. The ad creation process on 7Search PPC is straightforward and user-friendly. Advertisers can create ads with ease, regardless of their technical expertise. RichAds' ad creation process is easy, but 7Search PPC's user-friendliness goes above and beyond.

Cost Comparison: Which Platform is More Affordable for Adult Advertisers?

7Search PPC offers more affordable click rates compared to RichAds. Adult advertisers can advertise on the platform without breaking the bank. In contrast, RichAds' click rates tend to be higher, making it less cost-effective for adult advertising.

Additionally, 7Search PPC does not have a minimum deposit requirement, which makes it a more viable option for advertisers on a budget. On the other hand, RichAds requires a minimum deposit of $100 to use the platform. 7Search PPC's low click rates also translate to lower acquisition costs, meaning advertisers can save money while still achieving their goals.

7Search PPC also provides transparent pricing, allowing adult advertisers to see exactly where their money is going. This transparency level can help build trust between advertisers and the platform.

Conclusion: Which Platform is the Best Choice for Adult Advertisers?

In conclusion, 7Search PPC is better for adult advertisers than RichAds. Our exploration of the two platforms has revealed that 7Search PPC offers superior ad format options, a more affordable cost structure, and excellent support for ad targeting.

The platform's user-friendly and transparent process for creating ads, bidding on keywords, and running campaigns has also made it a more appealing choice for advertisers on a budget. Additionally, 7Search PPC's 24/7 customer support system can provide adult advertisers the assistance they need to keep their campaigns running smoothly.

While RichAds may be a viable choice for some advertisers, 7Search PPC provides adult advertisers with the tools and resources they need to reach their target audience effectively while staying within their budgets.