Melbourne's Ballroom Dance Classes

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Melbourne's Ballroom Dance Classes

Posted By Ashton Stoinis     September 5, 2023    


Exploring the Latin Dancing Techniques Taught in Melbourne's Ballroom Dance Classes

When it comes to dance, few styles can ignite the passion and excitement quite like Latin dancing. The sultry rhythms, vibrant music, and intricate footwork make it a captivating choice for those looking to explore the world of dance. In Melbourne, Australia, ballroom dance classes provide an excellent opportunity to delve into the world of Latin dance. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced dancer, here are some Latin dancing techniques you can learn during ballroom dance classes in Melbourne.


Salsa is the undisputed king of Latin dances, known for its energetic and rhythmic movements. In Melbourne's ballroom dance classes, you will learn the fundamental steps, like the basic forward and backward salsa step, the side-to-side step, and the essential hip movements. As you progress, you will also master more advanced spins, turns, and partnering techniques that are essential for salsa's fiery flair.


The Cha-Cha is all about quick, staccato footwork and playful hip action. Melbourne's
ballroom dance classes will teach you the signature cha-cha steps, such as the cha-cha lockstep and the Cuban break. These classes will also focus on the connection between partners, essential for the flirtatious charm of the cha-cha.


Rumba is often called the "dance of love." It is characterized by slow, sensual movements and intricate hip action. In Latin dancing in Melbourne classes, you will explore the art of leading and following in the Rumba, as well as the timing and technique behind its graceful figures, such as the box step and the Cuban motion.


Samba is the heartbeat of Brazil, known for its lively and energetic vibe. Learning samba in Melbourne's ballroom dance classes will introduce you to the distinctive "bounce" action, intricate footwork, and dynamic body movements. The samba is a fantastic way to immerse in the carnival spirit.


While not exclusively Latin, jive incorporates Latin elements and is an essential part of Latin dance programs in Melbourne. Instructors will teach you the basics of jive's fast-paced footwork, kicks, and flicks, all set to upbeat, infectious music.


Bachata, with its smooth and sensual style, has gained immense popularity worldwide. Melbourne's ballroom dance classes offer a chance to master the basic bachata steps and the subtle hip movements that make this dance so romantic and engaging.