Why Protecting Your Vehicle is Adverse Weather is Important!
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    • Last updated December 1, 2020
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Why Protecting Your Vehicle is Adverse Weather is Important!

Posted By Marlon Collins     December 1, 2020    


Our vehicles are hugely important for our day to day lives nowadays. However, many of us don’t actually give our beloved cars the care and attention they deserve! In turn, this can put our vehicles at risk of getting damaged, and so the importance of looking after them properly in adverse weather, to begin with, is hugely important and cannot be stressed highly enough!

How Weather Can Damage Our Vehicles

Many of us don’t actually realize how dangerous weather can be for our cars – but fortunately, understanding this is quite simple.

There are a few different weather conditions that can put our autos at risk. These include extreme heat or cold and hailstorms, in particular. But why is this?

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can put your vehicle at a great deal of risk for several different reasons, and as a vehicle owner, you must be aware of these reasons. The most notable, though, is due to rapid changes in temperature.

This most often happens when temperatures go from being incredibly hot in the daytime to noticeably cold overnight. When this happens, the vehicle’s bodywork expands and contracts rapidly in line with the temperature changes – and this can weaken it tremendously. In the vehicle’s windscreen, it can even cause large cracks to form that can weaken the entire windscreen’s surface.

This can also be blamed on temperature differences between the inside and outside of our vehicles. If it is freezing outside, for example, then you might blast the heating inside the car to help you thaw your frozen fingers out! And while this is lovely for you, your car might struggle more so with the rapidly different internal and external temperatures.


Hail can cause a great deal of damage to your vehicle, especially if the hailstones themselves are large and the weather is freezing. Damage caused by hailstones is most often cosmetic in nature instead of structural, although dented bodywork can weaken the vehicle to a degree. The most dangerous issue, though, is cracked windscreens, which can occur if the hailstone strikes a weak point on the windscreen with enough momentum and force to cause it to break.

Getting Damage Fixed

If your vehicle has been damaged by adverse weather, you must get it fixed ASAP. Fortunately, our team of vehicle repair experts at our collision center can help! Don’t delay – let us help your car today!