How Should You Move House Plants?
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How Should You Move House Plants?

Posted By Sebastian Daku     Sep 20    


House plants, much more than mere decorative items, are treasured members of many households. They purify our air, provide a touch of nature indoors, and can even hold sentimental value. When it's time to move, ensuring their safe and smooth transition is a top priority. Ready Movers have prepared this handy guide to help you move your leafy friends without a hitch.
Pre-move Preparations
Healthy Plants First
Before the move, check your plants for pests and diseases. This not only protects the plant but also ensures you don't bring unwanted guests to your new home. If necessary, treat the plants with insecticidal soap or neem oil.
Prune and Trim
Two weeks before the move, prune any dead or extraneous growth. This makes the plant more manageable during transport and can promote new growth post-move.
Preparing the Pot
Secure the Soil
To prevent the soil from spilling, you can place a stretch wrap or a piece of plastic with holes (for breathability) over the top of the pot, securing it at the base.
Re-pot in Plastic
If your plants are in ceramic or clay pots, consider transferring them to plastic pots before the move. They're lighter and less likely to break.
The Moving Day
Avoid Direct Sunlight
When moving plants into the vehicle, ensure they aren't placed in direct sunlight or in areas where they'll experience dramatic temperature changes.
Steady Positioning
Use boxes with dividers to hold multiple plants or place larger plants in individual boxes to keep them upright. Fill the gaps with newspaper or bubble wrap to prevent movement.
After the Move
Acclimate Slowly
Once at your new home, allow your plants to adjust to their new environment slowly. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight immediately. Gradually introduce them to their final positions over a week.
Moving can be stressful for plants. Water them appropriately upon arrival, ensuring not to overwater.
Remember, plants are living entities that react to changes in their environment. With careful preparation and understanding of their needs, your plants can continue to thrive in their new home. For more assistance or other moving concerns, consult with the experts at Ready Movers. Safe travels to you and your leafy companions!