How we boosted the sales of an online store with a video maker

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How we boosted the sales of an online store with a video maker

Posted By Vidtoon Software     October 10, 2023    


We’re not an advertising agency, and yet, we helped boost the sales of an organization. This organization sold clutch bags online, and they were no ordinary clutch bags. These bags had unique sequences designed with crystal-studded creativity. Therefore, these bags had to be sold at a premium rate. However, many accessory companies are selling similar products. 


As a result, their sales dropped by 30% compared to the last six months. Therefore, this company had to do something different to make sure that they could bring up sales and eventually make a profit.


How did we do this? –With the use of our video animation software. This animated video maker worked wonders for this online clutch bag store.

Why do videos work better as compared to static images?

Even though several blogs have pointed out and influencers have exemplified the benefits of videos, some companies seem to compromise on quality.


It’s important to understand that videos entail the evolved form of the static image from simple text formats. It’s more engaging, dynamic, and flexible to use.


If you notice, you can play around with videos by manipulating the way you want the background color to look, the music to sound, the voice-over, and so on. However, static images and text formats have limited options to present creativity.


Also, the audience is over-saturated with text and images. So far, they prefer videos as long as they are entertaining and keep them focused.


Our animated video maker did just that for the clutch bag brand. Their target audience was more interested in seeing how the videos would play at the end. This format entices the audience to stay tuned to the end and, after that, take action. For instance, the number of viewers increased, and sales were enhanced when customers wanted to check out their clutch bag collections.

Benefits of using an animated video maker

Creating compelling videos can encourage online visitors to quit passively scrolling through a website. Therefore, let’s look at the features behind which 90% of everything that stimulates us mentally comes from a video.


  • With zoom-in and zoom-out versions, engaging transitions are added to 2D explainer videos by clicking a button.


  • Using the right words with a selection from the best styles. Effective typography makes the video text look attractive, considering the brand’s fonts and color, size, and other factors.


  • The animated video maker has customization features to play the distinct elements and make the video more exciting and impressive. You can also use audio files and images to personalize the videos based on your communication objectives.


  • The video speaks to you as the characters showcased in the video address you effectively. Therefore, your customers will feel the same and stay more focused on what you want to convey.


Therefore, if you are looking for the best and most affordable animated video maker to boost your business, look no further. Our video animation software comes with the above features and promises to deliver beyond expectations.


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