Machine Learning Have Taken Centre Stage
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    • Last updated June 3, 2018
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Machine Learning Have Taken Centre Stage

Posted By machines kspan     June 3, 2018    


We’ve reached a significant point in time where the interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), K Span Roll Forming Machine learning and deep learning have gained huge amounts of traction - why? We are moving into an era where science fiction is now becoming fact and reality.AI and machine learning are not new concepts, the ‘modern AI’ idea of thinking machines that we all have come to understand was founded in 1956 at Dartmouth College.

With the want, and need, for ever larger systems, Universities started to look towards cloud platforms to help with scientific research. That’s one of the reasons why cloud technologies such as OpenStack have started to gain a foothold within higher education.

You can build supercomputers on commodity hardware – affordable, easy to obtain, generally broadly compatible with a wide range of technologies, and can function on a plug and play basis – and use this for day-to-day research. The cloud aspect can then enable organisations to ‘burst out’ to the public cloud for jobs that are too complex or large for the commodity HPC systems.

This combination of advancing technologies has led people to conduct deep learning and machine learning in a more meaningful sense – the precursors to modern AI systems. Although deep learning and K Span Building Machine learning algorithms have existed for many years, the compute power wasn’t available to run wide datasets in parallel, in any sort of useful timeframes.