Paul\u2019s seen the same reaction to his videos and streams
    • Last updated December 26, 2018
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Paul’s seen the same reaction to his videos and streams

Posted By smrt smith     December 26, 2018    


Paul’s seen the same reaction to his videos and streams since he soon started in 2016; a walloping degree of support from those who stuck with as well as abandoned RuneScape Classic, but recently rekindled their RS Mobile Gold love for the action. The support, which Paul said just has grown sine he started streaming, is part in the reason he doesn’t desire to give up on discussing RuneScape Classic at this time.
“The community that keeps program my RuneScape Classic streams and uploads is fantastic,” Paul said. “Everyone can be so supportive and loves watching my videos. I get many support, from folks that played back inside day just like me, to those who are just starting the game this coming year.”
Even Jagex is aware on the dedicated RuneScape Mobile Gold community that exists around RuneScape Classic. The developer mentioned in the blog that “it’s been amazing to find out such dedication amongst those who have kept playing RuneScape Classic above the last couple of years, a number of you have even were able to reach max total.” Still, the developer called out maintaining the servers and protecting the town as “you cannot assume all fun and games,” eventually helping cement the decision to power down.
RuneScape Classic will banned for good on Aug. 6 and, although everyone from the community is grieving loosing a game they’ve played for many years, Paul stated it’s nice to find out that RuneScape Classic will stay a beloved game, remembered by many people.
“It’s great to find out that more and more people still have a adoration for RuneScape Classic.”