Advantages, disadvantages and costs of prefabricated houses

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Advantages, disadvantages and costs of prefabricated houses

Posted By zhou zhou     December 26, 2018    


China's housing prices are rising, and it takes a lot of money to buy a house, so many people think that it will be a headache.

One possible solution: prefabricated homes china.

By buying modular homes instead of on-site homes, you can get new homes faster and much cheaper than others. However, before you decide whether a prefabricated house is right for you, you should consider some of its advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of prefabricated houses:

1. Reduce costs: If you are building a standard non-luxury home, using traditional on-site construction methods will cost you $150 to $250 per square foot. On the other hand, due to the efficiency of the assembly line, prefabricated houses may cost only a small portion of them.

2. Faster builds: The efficiency mentioned above also allows you to reduce build time because most of the assembly you have to complete has already been completed. Many modular buildings only take two or three days to assemble.

3. Portability: Although modular buildings are usually permanent structures, some designs can be removed so you can take them wherever you go.

Disadvantages of modular housing:

1. Unable to customize: If you value custom homes, modularity may not be for you. Although you have some customization options, most designs limit the extent to which you can change their shape or appearance.

2. You need to be near the factory: the modules are absolutely huge because they are actually an assembled part of the house. If it is too far apart, it is somewhat inconvenient, so you need to be relatively close to the factory that produced them.

3. Partitioning is an obstacle: Prefabricated buildings are relatively new to the construction industry, and you may encounter some outdated partitioning rules that may affect the project and may even prevent you from fully building.

How about Prefab housing price?

We need to calculate the cost based on the specific situation, the four factors to consider:


2. Design

3. Size

4. Loan

If you want to know more, you can click here: low cost prefab houses.