Real Estate Agents - What are the Different Types?

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Real Estate Agents - What are the Different Types?

Posted By Rick Lopez     December 5, 2020    


When it comes to selling a residential property, home for sale by owner in Annapolis Valley might appear to be a more attractive option. However, having a qualified real estate agent by your side can remove hassles from the process and make it easier for you to deal with the transaction and achieve a faster sales closure. Know about the various types of real estate agents out there.

Selling Agents

You need them to help you sell your property. They can represent your best interests in all kinds of real estate transaction and deals regarding property sales. They can offer worthwhile services at all steps of the process, such as readying your home for showings, showing to buyers etc.

Buying Agents

These real estate agents in Halifax can help if you want to buy a property, and represent your best interests, understanding your requirements. They can help with paperwork, legal formalities, negotiating with the seller etc.


They can ensure the market worth of a property, list a home, show it to prospective clients, negotiate deals and prices, offer advisory services and more.


They are registered members of the NAR (National Association of Realtors). For real estate agentsto become realtors, it is necessary to enroll for a pre-license course and sit for a licensing exam. These agents are treated with more respect and are regarded as more reliable, given that they abide by a rigid ethical code. They quote higher fees - given the fact their roles are wider and more varied.

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