What Are Different Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea

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What Are Different Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea

Posted By Agnes Bright     November 21, 2023    


Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder that requires urgent medical care because sleepless nights make your next day worsen. A person dealing with sleep apnea is not aware of their actual condition, but the partner sleeping next to them is aware of it. So, if you are dealing with sleep apnea problems, it is essential to discuss your sleeping issues with a healthcare professional by visiting sleep apnea clinics near me. They suggest different treatment options or might advise any oral appliance.


Getting sleep apnea oral appliance dentist near me is essential because it enhances the risk of developing high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, heart stroke, coronary artery disease, and depression. 


Initially, your doctor will tell you to incorporate lifestyle changes such as healthy and nutritious food, physical exercise (walking), and meditation. They suggest the CPAP device if you don't get relief in breathing and sleeping patterns. Lastly, you can choose the surgery option to improve the airway blockages.



Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea


CPAP Machine

The most popular method for sleep apnea is a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. In this process, you must wear a mask while sleeping at night, and the CPAP machine continuously blows air through it. It preserves your breathing. It improves your quality of sleep and reduces or eliminates your snoring. If you face any difficulty in operating the machine, you can ask from cpap doctors near me.


BiPAP Machine

Like a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, a bi-level positive airway pressure machine (BPAP) passes a stream of air to open airways at night. A BiPAP does not always provide the same pressure as CPAP machines. However, some CPAP users find it difficult to exhale at a constant pressure; the BiPAP provides less air as you exhale.


Oral Appliances

Oral appliances, also known as mandibular advancement devices, are preferable for many individuals. However, PAP machines are more dependable at treating sleep apnea. Dentists specifically design these mouthpieces to remember the sleeping disorders people as they help you open your airway by moving your jaw forward.



Nasal Drops

Sometimes, the nasal drops help you open your airways and make your breathing easier. Using the breathing strips helps the affected person to some extent.



When you don't get relief with the BiPAP, PAP, and oral appliances, then surgery is only the last hope. However, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is the most common surgery often used in sleep apnea treatments. In this process, surgeons remove soft tissue from the back of your palate and may eliminate tonsils and uvula (the soft tissue that hangs down the back of your throat.



To cure sleep apnea, you must be aware of the various available treatment options. Also, you have a good knowledge of the differences between regular snoring and sleep apnea. Before making any decisions, find a clinic for sleep apnea treatment near me as they recommend the best advice, allowing you to spend peaceful nights and hassle-free sleep.

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