What are the control methods of smart switches?
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    • Last updated November 29, 2023
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What are the control methods of smart switches?

Posted By Julia Cao     November 26, 2023    


Smart switch functions are widely used in various applications. Below, we will introduce various control methods of smart switches.



We say that the current common control methods of smart switches include the following:


1 local control


That is, the switch is controlled through buttons, touch, or voice. This is the most primitive control method and is suitable for controlling the switch when the network is disconnected.


2 Mobile phone control


That is, the switch is controlled through the mobile phone APP, which is a basic function that all smart switches currently have.




3 Remote voice control


Different from local voice control, this is a remote voice control switch through an AI smart speaker. That is, you do not need to speak to the switch, you only need to roar a few times at the AI speaker to control the switch.





4 wireless remote control


Adding a radio frequency receiver to the smart switch and making a switch-like transmitter, also known as a random sticker or wireless remote control, can realize remote control of the switch, which is suitable for some elderly people and children.


5 situational control


It means that smart switches control each other. Some smart switches can be classified into a group and designated as a smart switch control. There are usually two ways: dedicated scene switch and customized switch mode (that is, whether the switch is used for load control or scene use)