How to Cool Down a Room?

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How to Cool Down a Room?

Posted By Mark Walhberg     December 3, 2023    


Not all quick room cooling techniques revolve around comfort. Your family's health and well-being, as well as the health of your pets, can all be significantly impacted by room temperature. 

These methods of room cooling may help you save money on your summer electricity bills if you have air conditioning. They can provide additional comfort to your home during the warmest days and hours of the year if you don't have air conditioning.

Shut the windows and drapes

Even while it may be tempting to throw up your windows during a heat wave, keeping the house cool during the warmest part of the day requires that your windows remain closed. Thus, make an effort to just open the air in the morning or evening. 

If you're considering replacing your blinds or curtains, look for lighter-colored ones that are made of heavier fabric for optimal heat-blocking. However, don't forget to store any darker curtains you decide to replace so you can return them when the weather becomes colder and maintain the heat. 

To keep your house cool in the summer, keep these closed during the day as well.

Turn Your Ceiling Fan Around

If you've been using your Ceiling fan during the winter, you should consider yourself a wise energy user. Warm air is more evenly distributed by ceiling fans operating in a clockwise mode throughout the winter months. But throughout the summer, this is precisely what you want to stay away from.

There is a kind of magic "on" switch for your ceiling fan if you've ever wished there was one for broken appliances or stuck autos. Your fan should rotate counterclockwise during the summer. Turning on a switch is all it takes to change the direction.

Check the instructions that came with your purchase to see the various ways that ceiling fans can be reversed. Some fans include a convenient setting on the remote control for reverse. 

By pulling the chain or flicking a switch on the fan's side, other fans can reverse their direction.

Take a Nighttime Wind

You may make the most of the nighttime hours to naturally cool your home by keeping your windows open as the sun sets and the air cools. "If you are in an area where it cools off at night, open the windows to let fresh, cool air into the home," advises. 

Glass Doctor president Brad Roberson. "This will help reduce energy usage during the day." Increasing air intake can also be achieved by placing box or window fans on your sill; search for models that have two settings, one for drawing in cool air and the other for expelling hot air, depending on the time of day.

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Position Cool Water or Ice in Front of the Fan

Placing ice or cold water in front of the fan while it's running is another useful suggestion. This will make your room colder by causing the fan to circulate the coolness of the ice or water. In order to maintain the trapped air within, it is best to close the windows and doors throughout this process.

The theory is that the fan will circulate the chilly air that the ice produces. This is a perfect replacement for your air conditioner. Just perhaps move away from the stream's direct line of sight to avoid eye strain. 

Put heat reducing film on your glass doors and windows 

Are you against covering your windows with black blinds or curtains that make the space feel gloomy? Instead, how about using a heat-reducing, reflecting window coating to assist in controlling the temperature? 

These films tend to be very effective and very simple to apply. They are also great for renters because they can be removed without causing damage. 

Furthermore, they don't darken the room or interfere with your home's views. 

Refresh Yourself

Dr. Burstein advises staying hydrated, dressing in cool materials like cotton or linen, and, if the heat is too intense, using the air conditioning at the community center, library, or movie theater to stay cool while you wait for the temperature to decrease inside your house. 

She also advises remaining downstairs on your first floor, which is usually cooler if your house has multiple floors.

Purchase Sheets, Pillows, and a Cooling Mattress

Modern mattresses are designed to keep you cool at night. There are numerous types of cooling mattresses available to help you get through the summer without perspiring, whether they include permeable foam cores or covers that wick away moisture.

For added comfort, consider cooling sheets and pillows in addition to mattresses. You can use the sheets to cover up when lounging on the couch in order to stay cool, even if you're not lying on the bed. 

If cooling mattresses, pillows, and sheets are out of your price range, cover your bed with cotton sheets and make sure you use nothing else. Because cotton breathes better than other textiles, it will feel cooler on your nights.

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