How to Prepare for a Smooth Move with 'Removals Near Me'
    • Last updated December 5, 2023
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How to Prepare for a Smooth Move with 'Removals Near Me'

Posted By movers geelong     December 5, 2023    


Moving to a new home can be extremely stressful. Proper planning and preparation ensure your belongings arrive safely while minimizing headaches. This guide will guide you through best practices when booking removals near me to guarantee a smooth move.

The first step when organizing a move is researching and booking a reputable, local removalist. Online searches for ‘removals near me’ connect you with rated companies in your area. Once you’ve booked a removalist, preparation is critical for an organized move. Tasks like purging belongings, packing correctly, and planning transport logistics reduce chaos on moving day. Follow these key tips when using ‘removals near me’ to guarantee your relocation goes off without a hitch.

Declutter and Organize

In the months following your move, begin sorting through your belongings. Clearing out items you no longer need makes packing easier. Create piles for donation/resale, storage, and trash. Next, organize items by room so movers know what gets loaded together. Proper labeling streamlines unloading at your new home.

Book Moving Supplies Early

Essential packing supplies like boxes, tape, protective wrap, and markers should be ordered early. Popular sizes like wardrobe and appliance boxes sell out quickly. Geelong House Removals mark each box with the destination room for simplified unloading. Color coded labels indicate priority items vs. last load.

Pack Room by Room

Packing should occur in stages starting 2-3 weeks before moving day. Complete one room at a time, beginning with non-essential spaces like the garage and attic. Leave critical rooms like the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms for last. Load items you need immediately into separate “first-day” boxes.

Protect Valuables

Use extra precautions when packing valuables, including cash, jewelry, artwork, and important documents. Consider transporting these yourself or using a secure shipment method. Otherwise, pack these items separately with ample protective wrapping to prevent damage.


Plan Specialty Item Logistics

Coordinate with Removalist Geelong for specialty items that needs disassembly/reassembly like pool tables, workout equipment, swing sets, etc. Review arrangements for pets, plants, hazardous chemicals, firearms and fragile belongings. Communicate clearly with your removalist on requirements.

Confirm Moving Route and Logistics

Drive the route between homes to spot potential challenges like low bridges or tight corners. Provide detailed directions to your removalist company. Confirm parking permits if needed and inform building managers at multi-unit properties. Planning these logistics prevents delays.

Schedule Childcare and Pet Accommodations

To avoid chaos on moving day, make childcare and pet boarding arrangements. Confirm pickup/drop-off times to keep children and pets away from the packing/loading process for safety. This also lets movers work efficiently without distraction.


Moving should not be a stressful exercise. If you plan well, clear out your clutter, pack intelligently, and choose good removal companies near me, your move will be a pleasant experience. Movers Geelong is a reputable and reliable moving company with offices in Geelong. Professionally and fully serviced, they are well-placed to assist you in every single aspect of your relocation. A successful move is all about preparation and choosing your team of partners.