Choosing the Perfect Natural Stone: Tips from Sydney's Experts
    • Last updated December 15, 2023
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  • Choosing the Perfect Natural Stone: Tips from Sydney's ExpertsChoosing the right natural stone for your construction or renovation project can be difficult, even for designers. Many options are available, including different grain patterns, fossil details
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Choosing the Perfect Natural Stone: Tips from Sydney's Experts

Posted By ston express     December 15, 2023    


Choosing the right natural stone for your construction or renovation project can be difficult, even for designers. Many options are available, including different grain patterns, fossil details, colors, and finishes. These options come in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic types. Local geology affects cost and availability. Characteristics such as hardness and porosity determine suitable applications. Where do you begin?

This blog shares tips from Sydney's top natural stone suppliers Sydney on how to narrow down your choices. When choosing stones for residential or commercial spaces, it's important to consider various factors. This applies to sandstone, granite, limestone, travertine, bluestone, marble, and other unique Australian natural stones. Let’s demystify the process of identifying that ideal surface material.

Consider Local Sydney & Australian Stones First


Construction projects in Sydney benefit greatly from using local materials like sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, and bluestone. These materials are quarried in New South Wales and other parts of Australia, so there's no need to import them. Sourcing locally helps cut costs and environmental impact. It also highlights the beauty of the continent's nature.

Sydney is built on Triassic sandstone. This Sandstone Sydney is used for architectural feature walls, building facades, landscaping, and decorative touches. It is a local sedimentary stone. Australian granite, marble, bluestone, and travertine have unique fossilized history and vibrant colors. They are perfect for stunning statement installations.

Factor in Porosity

When choosing natural stone, think about its porosity or absorption rate. This measures the tiny holes on the surface. Granite and marble are very dense stones. They have a score of under 0.5%. This makes them highly resistant to water, stains, and scratches. They are perfect for kitchen countertops. Sandstone, limestone, and travertine are porous sedimentary types. They need sealing in wet areas to prevent damage.

Natural Stone Suppliers Sydney offer materials that are great for pool coping, patios, walls, and flooring. They work well because they can be sealed and have drainage materials underneath to prevent problems from exposure. Just steer clear using them for direct food preparation spaces. If desired for beauty, apply an impregnating sealer regularly.

Determine Hardness Rating

Along with porosity, a stone’s hardness determines appropriate applications. This durability indicator rates resistance to scrapes, chips and typical wear. Diamond set as a 10 is the most waterproof. Stones under 7 require careful installation locations avoiding high impact.

Hard yet porous options like travertine (3-4) need quality sealing for wet settings. Soft marble below 5 won’t endure outdoors but creates polished indoor elegance. Other stones like practical granite (7+) combine decent hardness and densities for versatile residential/commercial use.

ConsiderThickness & Weight

Factor in a stone’s weight per square unit and available dimensions/thicknesses. Lighter portable stones work better for vertical installations or where underlying support limits total weight capacity. Large dramatic slabs also require greater reinforcement compared to smaller tile formats.

Know realistic sizing options for your material to understand fastening needs. Work with Sandstone Supplier Sydney able to cut, fabricate & reinforce selections in available factory dimensions or through customized fabrication processes to achieve your vision. Understanding stone weight practicalities results in smart planning.


When choosing natural stone for your projects in Sydney, it's important to consider factors like suitability and visual impact. That's why it's a good idea to consult reputable local stone suppliers like Stonexpress. They offer premium Australian natural stone for residential, commercial, and civic projects of any size.

Please schedule an appointment at our Condell Park warehouse and fabrication site. We have an extensive inventory for you to view. We can also advise on tailoring selections and finishes to match your practical and aesthetic vision. Additionally, we can handle custom fabrication seamlessly. Find out why Sydney's leading architects, designers, and builders trust our supply and manufacturing skills.