Ways to Make Money With Your Sex Dolls


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Ways to Make Money With Your Sex Dolls

Posted By POPTORSO POPTORSO     December 19, 2023    


Income generation with adult dolls is a possibility for certain individuals. If you're looking to monetize your sex doll torso, there are multiple pathways to explore.

Earn Income from Adult Films

You have the potential to monetize your life size sex dolls through creating content for adult entertainment sites. Pornography has long been regarded as a lucrative form of income and there are many websites that accept submissions. All it requires is filming a scene with your doll. You don't need a big production team, you can remain anonymous during the shoot, and just need a decent camera. Additionally, make sure you are permitted to use your big boobs sex dolls in this way and comply with local laws.

Once the video is captured, you can post it to popular platforms to monetize it through advertisements. Placing ads on the video will generate income.

Porn sites frequently employ affiliate ad models that provide potential income. For instance, you can choose a pay-per-click option, where you are remunerated every time a guest clicks on the ad. Additionally, a percentage program may be available, wherein you accrue a portion of the revenue generated by the traffic sent by you. The higher the number of visitors, the larger the sum of money earned.

Shooting a porn video will require insignificant expenses, but for maximum impact, the video should be of high quality.

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Earn Revenue Through Live Streaming with Your Sex Doll

Financial gains can be made in the pornographic field without relying solely on internet-based websites. Females, for instance, can easily establish a solo cam presence on live broadcasts. However, for male streamers, a partner is traditionally necessary for such broadcasts - making sex dolls an ideal companion.

Live cam interactions with sex dolls have seen a steady growth in popularity in recent years, offering users an individualized experience. Male-only or couple channels are becoming more common and sex dolls can become the perfect virtual partner. Popular cam website like Onlyfans, Chaturbate, and Livejasmin offer a wide range of broadcasting options for you to choose from.

Elevate Her Status to Influencer

Nowadays, it is common for female sex doll owners to cultivate a digital presence for their dolls. Showcase images of their doll's activities and dress them up in unique ensembles. Leverage social media to share photos of your doll and share your doll ownership experience. You may amass a following quickly, and brands will reach out to you and pay for product promotion.

Nowadays, data can travel quickly across social media platforms. Get creative and share your unique sex doll concept with a video clip. Just be sure to follow the rules and regulations set by social media sites.

Poptorso's Adult Website Partners all encourages body acceptance, sexual self-expression, and progressive beliefs. Share your opinion regarding health, sex dolls, and related issues on social media and learn how to become an advocate for our movement!

Become Our Affiliate to Earn Revenue

Earn money with your big ass sex doll without hassle. Have questions about what it means to become an affiliate? You don't need to resort to potentially inappropriate actions such as pornographic videos or cam shows. Instead, promote our dolls or give feedback on PopTorso. It's that easy.

As an affiliate of PopTorso, you are promoting our products. Customers who use your referral link to purchase our products will earn you a commission. The initial commission rate for sex dolls is 5%, and this may raise depending upon the amount of people who purchase PopTorso products through your link.

Registering as a PopTorso affiliate is easy. Utilize attractive banners, high-definition images, customer reviews, and videos to promote our dolls. Everything at your fingertips makes the process a breeze, and it's really enjoyable! Put your existing online platforms to work, and witness the rewards of your efforts with commission payments.


Ultimately, multiple options are available to generate an income with sex dolls, though safety and legality must be maintained. We hope the above talked about options not only help you recover the cost of your doll but also accentuate your fascination for dolls. Take a look at our collection of hyper-realistic torso sex dolls if you are yet to purchase one.