There are two different WoTLK 21

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There are two different WoTLK 21

Posted By yang yanxuebao123     December 21, 2023    


Thus, when you reach the MMOexp WoTLK50+侧重WoTLK Gold
WoTLK Gold level of 10. there will be bots, farm in peace bloom, for you know that's all the low level herbs or farming the low level, you know, ore. So there will the I'm not gonna say the market is going to be overrun immediately.

However, it's not going to be an even and even playing field in case you're aware of what I mean, it's similar to the fact that when you actually get around to making a sale, it's already lots of them in the market since someone who has bought them isn't even interested in getting to level 10. you know, literally order, they've got to the level of seven or eight. And they're already overloading auction houses with this stuff.

There are two different ways to look at this, you know, as in your vendor, buy WoTLK Classic Gold and this could be considered a bad idea, because they'll appreciate later on. Yet, at the exact same time the vendor is gaining that immediate benefit, and that there are already bots flooding the auction house , if you're not I mean, I don't know what you think about this.

It's definitely a bit of a sound topic,

I think the most important thing you must consider is when are people going to be able to get to 80? Since anyone who really rushed to reach 80 wasn't doing their job. They'll be turning around and look where's my copper? Or , where's my piece's bloom? Where is my mithral?

The way I think about it is perhaps the first week I think selling skinning vendors, your thin mats aren't really worth the money even when you sell them. In general, up until at around 40 Plus however, if you're like your original products, I'm sure you don't have the ability to sell it. consider a good idea to save since the majority of people who are 80+ will to switch to engineering Jewelcrafting blacksmithing, there's going to be plenty of death knights. Right? That's why there'll be many people doing that. I think there's a week one strategy that aims to get to 80 by the end of week two.