Animal Crossing: The December update will bring more surprises to players

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Animal Crossing: The December update will bring more surprises to players

Posted By rs dean     December 8, 2020    


Nintendo released a new promotional video for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, showing all the new content in this month's popular video game. These include snowy days in the northern hemisphere, toy festivals, and some new things, so everyone can have fun.

Although players can find dung beetles and lobsters in December, the surprise of the month is definitely the Toy Festival on December 24, and the reindeer is clanging. To hear the jingle, you must provide a gift. At ACBellsBuy, we have prepared all the ACNH Nook Miles Tickets for this update for players, and you can get them as needed. In addition, the store will wear holiday toys and costumes in the game.

The trailer also showed the ability to make a snowman, and even shake the decorated trees to make shiny gadgets. Then, you can use these decorations to make festive DIY items, such as Big Holiday Tree. If you want to celebrate this season seriously, it seems that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will contain everything you need to do. This also means that there are special New Year events in the game.

Focusing on the new content of the ACBellsBuy site may save you a lot of money. Because it not only wants players to provide the latest information but also provides the most practical guide. If you want to learn more about games, news and even Animal Crossing Bells promotion, please visit