Eliot\u2019s reaction on the WoW \u201ccalendar quote\u201d and stats was on point
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Eliot’s reaction on the WoW “calendar quote” and stats was on point

Posted By smrt smith     January 21, 2019    


Eliot’s reaction on the WoW “calendar quote” and stats was on point, with the exceptional suggested fixes, without perfect, illustrated the gap between what Blizzard does and what I think players expect from modern games. While Blizzard makes solid games, the innovation department sometimes MapleStory 2 Mesos falls flat, and yes it feels like it's been WoW’s issue for awhile. I know Eliot gets slammed for his criticism by some fanboys, but I allow you understand that the devs do target good advice if it catches fire. Here’s hoping Eliot starts one… using this context, Eliot. Put the torch down.
Matt was brave enough to jump in and have a look at Bless inside end the behind-the-scenes the things i was seeing. I am disappointed inside other attendees for selling out if it was obvious you can find real reasons why you should be concerned. Matt stepped in and also was those types of voices of reason, being critical but highlighting the action’s strengths and potential.
Brendan tackled EVE inside the MapleStory 2 Mesos for sale ground and why CCP can’t are right still. The idea of one EVE always struck me as something Nintendo or Valve via Steam would do. CCP is capable of doing some cool stuff, but so that it really is gel could possibly be the hard part, and Brendan’s critiques were basically cited by CCP itself, regardless if it didn’t provide him with his kudos.