Introduction To Outdoor Garden Sets

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Introduction To Outdoor Garden Sets

Posted By Liyfffa linhai     December 9, 2020    


According to materials and craftsmanship, Outdoor Garden Sets can be divided into wooden rattan sets, iron rattan sets, and all-inclusive rattan sets.
Wooden rattan set
Wooden rattan set, the whole frame is made of teak. The natural material produces a sense of closeness to nature, with mild colors and exquisite craftsmanship, suitable for natural gardens such as gardens, courtyards, tea gardens, and sentry boxes.
Iron rattan suit
In the process of making iron art rattan suits, ①electrophoresis; ②primer paint; ③electrostatic spraying; ④180 degree high temperature baking; ⑤effect paint; so as to achieve the anti-rust of iron products.
The iron art coffee table is unique among many coffee tables with its strong, solid, clear and noble unique charm and style. It pursues modern culture, art and spiritual life, and is a harmonious, natural, beautiful and noble elegant model. Nobility is not ostentatious, but rationality is endowed with tenderness. Iron art combines the ancient European craftsmanship and modern industrial technology to create an elegant and leisurely space expression, either fine or rough, or bright or dark, or modern or simple. It is professionally designed and meticulously carved to create surfaced iron furnishings. It is a work of art worthy of long-term appreciation. It is suitable for European-style villas, gardens and courtyards.
All-inclusive rattan set
All-inclusive rattan set, material: spray-painted iron frame + rattan, rattan including natural rattan and PE rattan/PVC rattan. Take the iron frame as the support, and use the rattan to make the support
Prepare the package. PE rattan/PVC rattan is made of high-quality artificial fiber, which is anti-ultraviolet, insect-proof, anti-corrosion, waterproof, never fade, and durable.
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) rattan has the advantages of smooth surface, good flexibility, resistance to UV, and easy to clean. It is suitable for outdoor use and has the functions of rainproof and easy scrubbing. PE (polyethylene) is known as environmentally friendly rattan. The reason why it is environmentally friendly is that PE is easily brittle under the sun. It is easy to age. The rattan is often used for decoration of small articles after being woven into a finished product. It is easy to weather when used outdoors for a period of time, and the rattan will appear brittle fracture.