Understand the fan industry trend
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Understand the fan industry trend

Posted By xingchang fan     December 11, 2020    


Today, XingChang Fan will discuss with you the development history and current situation of the fan industry.

As competition in the fan manufacturing industry, including centrifugal fans and axial fans, continues to intensify, mergers and acquisitions and capital operations among large fan manufacturing companies have become more frequent. Excellent fan manufacturing companies in China are paying more and more attention to research on the industry market. Especially in-depth research on the industrial development environment and product buyers. Today is exciting, let’s take a look at the future development trend and direction of the fan industry.

For small and medium-sized fans with a wide range of usage, such as centrifugal fans, axial fans, etc., the product structure and manufacturing process are relatively simple, and the cost is relatively low. Users mainly pursue high efficiency, low noise, long life, and low prices. For another type of fan that has a complex structure and needs to operate under high pressure, high temperature and high speed, and some even under severe working conditions, users mainly pursue high quality, high reliability, stable operation and cycle. long.

Forecasting from the demand structure of major areas, general ventilation fans (generally small and medium-sized centrifugal fans and axial fans) are the most widely used, the most demanded, and the manufacturers are also the most. Generally speaking, the supply of such products exceeds demand. Although the demand for special-purpose fans (including anti-corrosion fans, high-temperature fans, etc.) is not very large, they need to be treated differently due to the special operating environment because the main material requirements are more special.

Since the 1970s, China has introduced advanced technology of foreign centrifugal compressors. After digestion, absorption and innovation, the product level has been improved. As long as the quality and delivery time are guaranteed, and the price advantage is used, it is internationally competitive. Based on historical analysis, the main export products are small and medium-sized fans and fan accessories. The main gap between domestic manufacturers of such fans is that the surface quality does not meet the export requirements. If the appearance quality is improved and the price advantage is, the prospects in foreign markets are broad. Nowadays, the trend of global economic integration is becoming more and more obvious. The economies of various countries will become more interdependent, international economic cooperation and exchanges will become closer, and the international market is also in a stage of substantial crossover and integration.

Today, the pace of global industrial restructuring is accelerating. Developed countries continue to shift industrial production to capital-intensive and technology-intensive industries, and labor-intensive products are shifting to developing countries and regions. Wonderful believes that this provides a good development opportunity for our country to play its own advantages and enter the international market. Wonderful will also continuously improve the quality and competitiveness of centrifugal fan products and seize market development opportunities.

For more details, please click on the link below: Fan wheel.