Spring Cleaning for Your Soul

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Spring Cleaning for Your Soul

Posted By Leslie Badena     December 15, 2020    


Now, if you make enough predictions, some are bound to Lifebook Online Review happen simply by analyzing and assessing present conditions and based on the current information projecting the likelihood of possible results into the future.. Before commenting further let me assure you that worlds don't end, at least not in your time frame of reference, but civilizations do.

This subject matter presents a perfect opportunity to dive into "probabilities", a subject that I have wanted to speak about for some time. You live in a particular type of world/reality with its own built in characteristics and parameters for existence unlike any other. Some of the things that you consider the laws of the universe are only applicable when you consider the universe from your own world perspective. 

Consecutive moments of time are not even experienced as such by most of the animal kingdom on your own planet, yet you want to project your version of time on them and the entire universe. Gravity is another that seems irrefutable in your universe, but it is another camouflage appearance that cannot be applied to other systems.