Molding Process of Injection Plastic Mold Is Introduced

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Molding Process of Injection Plastic Mold Is Introduced

Posted By Jin hong     December 17, 2020    


The injection molding process of Injection plastic mold relies upon injection molding machines with three primary components.

First, a hopper feeds solid plastic pellets into a barrel.
In the barrel, a rotating screw generates enough friction and heat to melt the plastic into a liquid.
? From there, the machine injects the plastic under pressure into a mold. After it has cooled and hardened, the plastic component is ejected from the mold and the process begins again.

The plastic injection molding process can use a wide variety of plastics from simple polypropylenes and polyethylenes to engineered resins with special properties such as glass-filled nylons and liquid crystal polymers. In their pre-melted state, the plastics are generally small pellets that must be heated and liquefied in order for them to be injected into the mold. Melt temperatures, resin volume per part, injection speed and cooling time are dependent upon the resin that is used and the design of the mold.

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