Is there anyway I can improve with this setup?
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Is there anyway I can improve with this setup?

Posted By Ding best     December 20, 2020    


So anyways, I am making a Turmoil Zerk..however it is only gonna be a normal zerk till I have saved up 180M for the bones I'm likely to need. (Or I'll find a bonecrusher from Dung and camp in green drags with a cannon) ANYWAYS I would love to RS gold have the ability to receive 94 mage BEFORE I have pk-ready melee stats. So: Does anyone know of A) a way to generate ~21Mish reasonably fast (I will make it, it only will be via cb and take longer than I would have hoped) Or B) A way to never lose a lot of money..but also get some magic exp. The only ways I know which are good for obtaining magic xp are: High alching, Super heating, Humidify. . .and until I figure something out I'm only gonna slayer up my money.

(Off-topic: hi everybody, I'm the exact same Just Someone from before, the one who did fakes. I've come out of inactivity. Nice to return in Sal's) From what I gather, ranged has shifted radically for p2p in the time that I was inactive. However, I am f2p, and things haven't really changed - it's still bow and arrow, or pathetic peashooter called the crossbow. With the release of dungeoneering, the most powerful weapon I can get is the sighted maple longbow. I'd thought that it would be, but I conversed with a member who stated that"longbow neglects" period. So I feel the topic merits further investigation.

Here is the data I gathered so far: Shortbows fire somewhat less than two times as quickly as longbows, and I'm pretty sure both are on rapid. Ranged stat bonuses are irrelevant to max hit for range - only variety lvl and metal on the arrow matters. Watching somebody with lvl 60 range, iron arrows, even sighted maple longbow, did not produce damage that was spectacular by any way I comprehend. The counterargument is, high ranged stat bonuses = higher average harm, which can translate into faster kills as time passes.

And seriously, here's a point of concept: why a scimi (or even a rune sword, for that matter) beats the battleaxe is that it may hit twice at time a battleaxe strikes. Supposing somebody hits max 150 using a b'axe, the scimi can strike 2x130 or even 2x100 in precisely the same amount of time and beat the harm. This point is much more powerful from the shortbow-longbow question, because the longbow does not even strike harder than the shortbow. The dice are more significant than ever if a shortbow hits for at least 50 percent of the maximum hit every moment, the longbow can't fit it even scoring max strikes on every shooter. Pardon the huge words, and thanks in advance.

When you've got a 200k budget, I suggest you take: Sacred clay helm. Mystic boots. Finest RFD gloves. Explorer's ring. Your best cape. I also highly recommend you get 70 Magic so you can utilize Black Salamanders. Otherwise use slayer dart using a god book, and take a melee weapon on your devise, equip some affordable bolts (wide ), and take a crossbow on your devise (for Ahrim.) .

You need to take: Teleport to house (if you have Kharyrll portal site and altar in your POH) Melee weapon. Crossbow. Super defence potion. 1 or 2 Prayer potions. 200 Casts of slayer dart. SPADE. Rest filled with monkfish. You should not need to plead on Verac/Guthan/Torag, so you drink a super defence potion before going in to Verac, then go to Guthan, then Torag. Then if you still have leftover, utilize it on Ahrim.

Okay, so I decided to go to Tormented Demons back, but that I can only get 2 kills per excursion, and I think I'm doing something wrong. Tort and rest of inv of buy RuneScape gold monkfish. Is there anyway I can improve with this setup? I don't have claws/any godsword, also that I don't really wish to borrow one. Thank you in advance!