Get Help With Your Fear of Small Things
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Get Help With Your Fear of Small Things

Posted By Sidney Urbain     December 20, 2020    


It is a common knowledge that early ejaculation is the Cyalix Review most usual sexual complaint of men. Any man certainly wants to perform longer in bed. There is an imminent problem if you are achieving orgasm as soon as a minute or just up to three minutes after penetration. Lasting up to 10 minutes is the average, but with women usually lasting up to 14 minutes before the Big O, it is logical why most men aim to beat their average duration.

Medical Treatments And Behavioral Therapies Curing premature ejaculation could involve medical treatments and behavioral therapies. That is if you would seek medical or professional intervention. There are natural ways to overcome the condition, but many men opt to get rid of the problem overnight. It would be appropriate to look at the first two options mentioned before comparing them to the natural and self-help options.

One popular way for curing premature ejaculation is the application of local anesthetic creams or gels to the penis. The main goal of this is to diminish sensation in the male sexual organ so that the duration before orgasm is attained is significantly prolonged. Thus, it is not surprising to find the market flooding with such products that primarily and principally claim to treat early ejaculation. Some medical practitioners prescribe antidepressant tablets to be taken minutes before an actual sexual intercourse.