Understanding Agoraphobia

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Understanding Agoraphobia

Posted By Sidney Urbain     December 23, 2020    


The most outrages facts are that Psychiatrists are believed to Nootropictech Mind Tech BrainTrial Review be mental specialist, they call their clients "patient" meaning that the person is sick or ill and they run institutions known as Mental Hospitals. How is it possible that every government, medical association, media and the general public believe and accept that psychiatrists are specialists in mental diseases? They are qualified medical doctors, and doctor are qualified in medical science. There is absolutely no science in the mental disorders as described in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual. Not one of the over 374 mental diseases have been proven through science. They have been invented. There has never been any proof that the drugs prescribed for these diseases heel the so called disease.

Why then are these psychiatrists who invent these unscientific mental disorders be allowed to prescribe unproven psychotic drugs to people? Research proves the psychotic drugs have severely impairing side effects causing irrational behaviour such as suicide, violence, murder, arson, motor accidents, etc besides all the body's physical elements that are affected.

It is often claimed that people suffer from chemical imbalance in the brain or the neurotransmitters need repair and that justifies the reason for the drugs. Despite their claims there is not have one single scientific test to prove that these so called imbalances are present nor can they prove that the drugs repair any neurotransmitters. If a disease is not in the blood it does not exist.