POE 3.4 Shadow Assassin Rain of Arrows Build - High Damage & League Starter
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POE 3.4 Shadow Assassin Rain of Arrows Build - High Damage & League Starter

Posted By Mill Smith     January 30, 2019    


+Can reach 2million shaper dps with garbage gear.
+High clear speed with +173% movement speed while mapping, good aoe from Rain of arrow.
+Cheap, around 1 exalt overall, but of course we are able to gradually POE Currency construct it up.
+1700 Life leech/s. 43% Evasion, 30% Spell Dodge, 5k life, 50% reduced curse effect, overcapped resist for elemental weakness, a lot of evasion, artic armour, pantheons.
+Don't value map mods.
-Damage with time build, mobs don't instantly die, no fancy Herald effect, no instant safety from that. The feelsgood factor from mobs instanly dying should also be considered.
Skill Tree & Ascendancy:Ascendancy
Noxious Strike>Toxic Delivery>Opportunistic>Unstable Infusion.
Kraityn provides each most dps and utility.
Skill Tree:
Gems Setup
Listed so as of importance.
Single target:
Barrage-Added Chaos Damage-Greater Multiple Projectiles-Withering Touch-Deadly Ailment-Vicious Projectile
Rain of Arrows- Added Chaos Damage- Mirage Archer – Deadly Ailments- Vicious Projectile- (Vile Toxins)
Note: Toxic rain is usually a viable alternative, nevertheless it is a little slow to use life gain on hit part, which could be dangerous in many situation.
Actually you have no need for a 6 link Rain of Arrow to kill trash mobs, 5 links is okay.
Herald of Agony setup:
HoAg – Minion Damage- Vicious Projectile- Faster Attack
Note: No greater multiple projectile, the mana multiplier is only too much.
Cast on Damage Taken :
CoDT – Immortal Call – Enfeeble – Chaos Golem
Utility setup:
Phase run – Blink Arrow- Arctic Armour- Whatever you like (Decoy Totem?)
Gears SetupBow:
Lioneye's Glare. Explanation above. A common alternative is Quillrain, it indeed can get you to definitely maps. But the Lioneye's glare remains to be beter because we really have no need for that much attack speed.
Maloney's nightfall : Blind, Life, and damage. Very good and cheap unique. You can corrupt it to have an extra 1 additional arrow.
Body Armour:
Rare Armour with life and resist. Evasion based for chroming. Don't use Dendrobate because we don't have to have the duration and it is merely 10% more damage increase without the need of life and resist.
You will get an easy 6 link body armour by searching for the 6 linked non-corrupted white body armour item level 72 min for 30-40 chaos. Buy some Screaming Essence of Greed and try and roll some resist into it. If it is possible to also master craft resist into it if it has open suffix. Very cheap overall
Stygian Vise with life and resist. Flask charge duration mod can be a good bonus.
Impresence chaos version is most beneficial in slot.
Budget: Rare amulet with life, resist, and Intelligence (you may need 111 Intel to equip Added Chaos gem)
Bubonic Trail is better in slot, in spite of 1 jewel socket. We do not require another 4 link anyway why don't we utilize that.
Budget: This Bubonic Trail boot is 1 chaos on the moment
A Helmet with +to a higher level Socketed Minion gems, life and resist. Evasion based.
Rare Glove with life and resist, +% attack speed is great. You may use The embalmer is surely an easy 5 link for Barrage early.
Thief's Torment. Look for High life gain on hit and quantity.
Other stats to look for should you have the money: Crit chance and crit multiplier, any stats that you simply see fit.
Budget version:
1 Instant Life Recovery Flask- Quicksilver Flask-Diamond Flask-Jade Flask- Basalt Flask
The other flasks have to have: Bleed Immunity, Freeze Immunity, Increased Movement speed during flask effect.
Other helpful mods: Increased Duration (So you don't must flask jamming very often), Shock Immunity
Final version:
Remove Basalt and Jade Flask for Dying Sun and Witchfire Brew/Sin's Rebirth
Atziri's Promise is often a 9% more damage multiplier, with +700 Life gain on hit currently. It is good and it is possible to swap out basalt/jade to make use of it, and swap out diamond flask for final version. But remember you still have to obtain bleed immunity, freeze immunity, shock immune in other flasks, and it is usually very tough to roll. So it can be personal choice.
All jewels have to possess life, and are also abyss jewel.
2 Jewels with mod +>5% possibility to Onslaught. (Enough to sustain while mapping)
Best dps mod for jewels: +% attack speed if crit recently
That may be the general guideline, another mods you'll be able to find can be a bonus.
You can make use of Fertile mind to pay for intelligence at the beginning if needed.
Use caustic arrow for leveling till you complete normal lab. After completing normal lab, respec to own at least 80% possiblity to poison (Use some opportunity to poison nodes in the tree, don't makes use of the gem, then respec after you've over 100% possiblity to poison). By then exchange signal of toxic rain/ rain of arrow, and possess barrage as single target, get Herald of Agony ( you've 60% possibility to poison from Ascendancy plus the herald alone, fill the other 40% in the tree). 4 links work just great to maps. Remember to obtain the gems and level it when possible.
Don't take any crit nodes at the beginning. Take the jewel node only for those who have good jewel. You might get +30 intelligence from your tree then respec if required. Try to collect each of the damage overtime node/poison node then only life afterwords. Pick Acrobatic and Phase Acrobatics as soon as is possible.
If you don't have Thief's Torment and don't want spamming mana flask in the beginning, have the Essence Sap node.
The Cast On damage Taken setup helps quite a bit, understand early should you have the links.
Milestones: 1k hp for normal lab, 2k hp for Cruel Lab, 3k hp for Merciless Lab.
For Uberlab, 4k2 hp works fine. Swap out of the jade flask on an extra life flask. Switch the pantheon to Soul of Solaris.
If you might have Quillrain and Thief's torment in the beginning, then leveling is really a breeze. When you buy POE Orbs from MMOAH, you find out the process is very simple. On MMOAH you will find the best supplier who are guaranteed to send product fast against the best prices.