Use Of 5-7126x 6h2577 Universal Joint

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Use Of 5-7126x 6h2577 Universal Joint

Posted By xsj bearing     December 27, 2020    


In recent years, due to the rapid development of the automobile industry, related parts have also developed and grown rapidly. As one of the related parts of automobiles, the universal joint has also developed and grown very rapidly. Universal joint, also known as universal joint, refers to the parts that use ball connection to realize the power transmission of different shafts. It is used to change the position of the transmission axis direction. It is the  " joint of the universal transmission of the automobile drive system "part. The combination of universal joint and drive shaft is called universal joint transmission. The 5-7126X 6H2577 universal joint is one of the more subdivided universal joints.

On the front-engine rear-wheel drive vehicle, the universal joint transmission is installed between the transmission output shaft and the input shaft of the drive axle final reducer; while the front-engine front-wheel drive vehicle omits the transmission shaft, and the universal joint is installed Between the front axle half shaft and the wheels that are responsible for both driving and steering.

The 3102-2201025 Russian universal joint cross is another subdivision part of the universal joint. Although the size and specifications are slightly different from the 5-7126X 6H2577 universal joint, the overall characteristics, use and classification The above are not much different. It’s just that you must pay attention to the difference between the size and specifications when you go to buy by yourself and when you use it by yourself. It is best to learn more before buying, so that you can relatively avoid the trouble caused by some purchase errors.