Worlds Apart - The Spirit and the Flesh

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Worlds Apart - The Spirit and the Flesh

Posted By Sidney Urbain     December 29, 2020    


Consider how you might want to apply the information you Lifebook Online Review received from the voices in your head. Consider the possibilities of the information from the voices in your head. Consider what you might choose to shift in your life, in your thinking, in your beliefs. Consciously act upon one or more of the recommendations. You know what is legal and ethical. Act upon the information in a legal, ethical, and honoring manner. Act in baby steps. Begin to trust one step at a time. And allow for the outcomes to be dynamic and amazing.

Get over yourself. This connection has been intended to be with you all of your life. This connection is intended to be with others all of their life. Do not place yourself on a pedestal - pedestal's fall. If anything, assist others in doing their own listening. And then compare notes. You will each perceive more, learn more, and experience more in this sharing as each of your filters are different.

Connect with the Angelic Realm. Connect with those entities that have your best intentions and a perspective on your life that is nearly impossible to have from the view point of living your life in the physical. Enjoy the expansiveness, the frustration, and the journey. It is wonderful, enlightening, and empowering.