High Density Dye Printed Quilt

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High Density Dye Printed Quilt

Posted By Changshu Dongfang     December 30, 2020    


With the improvement of people's living conditions and quality of life, people have higher and higher requirements for household products and some commonly used products around them, and the same is true for quilts. Today we talk about the high density dye printed quilt in the printed quilt.

High-density dye printing quilt, this kind of printed quilt generally uses high-density 100% full twill printed fabric, comfortable to the touch, fine texture, good moisture absorption and air permeability, high color fastness, not easy to fade, and no ball The fabric is made by changing the warp and weft structure to form various styles of patterns. The patterns are vivid and lifelike. Due to the twill process, the wear resistance is much better than the plain weave. The workmanship is fine, the texture is clear, and the twill is better. Plain weave fabric has high density and high yarn consumption, mainly stronger than plain weave.

There are many fabrics suitable for making printed quilts, and the flannel cationic jacquard fabric is one of them. However, because the performance of the flannel cationic jacquard fabric is good enough, it is also unique among all fabrics.