6 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Ghostwriter

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6 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Ghostwriter

Posted By Kelly Hamilton     January 4, 2021    


Hiring a ghostwriter is a fairly common practice in the corporate world. Businesses, big and small, often don’t have the talent who will convert their information and ideas into marketable content. So they hire ghostwriters to write for their blogs and even books. For others, maybe they have acquired a unique skill, some exceptional experience, or just want to immortalize their life story for their children.

Hiring a book ghostwriter can ease your life in big ways, especially if you’re looking to write a book and are having trouble figuring out how to do it. If you have a great idea for a story but no clue on how to form a plot around it, a book writer for hire can solve your problem. In short, book ghostwriters for hire can be a huge blessing.

If you have a reason to hire a ghostwriter as well, then before you proceed, we suggest that you take a look at the following things that you need to know before hiring one:

  1. Professionalism

In the process of a ghostwriter for hire the first and foremost thing you will be welcomed with is the ghostwriter’s profile. This could mean several different things depending upon which forum you’re using to look for a ghostwriter for hire. Ideally, if it’s a ghostwriting agency, their website should look sweet and compelling. Because if they can’t even make their website compelling, what are the odds that they’ll be able to write a compelling book for you?

  1. Past Projects

Incoherence with the first point, the second thing you should look at before hiring your ghostwriter is their past projects, as well as how relevant their past experience is to the nature of your project. If you’re looking to write a fiction book, check to see if they’ve done any projects in the past that hit the niche of your concept. The more books they’ve previously written in your genre, the better the results they’ll be able to produce for you. If you’re looking to hire for a nonfiction writing project, you might want to make sure whether they are acquainted with your particular industry and are familiar with the acronyms, practices, technical terms, etc.

  1. Meetings and Revisions

Don’t expect to totally kick back and chill just because you’ve hired a ghostwriter to carry all of the load. The process of getting a book written involves lengthy, tedious tasks of reviewing the content, providing comments on it so the ghost can revise according to your demands, and then reviewing the revisions as well. This is usually carried out over the phone or skype. You will be sharing your ideas and information with your ghostwriter over the course of numerous, lengthy calls, which will then be transcribed by them later and employed in their writing. Reviews are added using tools like markup and track changes on word processing applications. They are clear, simple, and easy in keeping track of.

  1. Sweet guys

Following up on the last point of numerous long calls with the ghostwriter, it is preferable if your ghostwriter is a sweet, well-spoken person, a good listener, and someone who is welcoming to your ideas and suggestions because once you’ve gone into a contract with your ghost you will find yourself spending a considerable amount of time with them talking about yourself, the project, your ideas, and maybe even your hobbies and interests if you want your ghost to capture your voice in your content. Imagine having to stay in contact over the course of weeks or maybe even months, with someone who may be a great writer but a difficult person to deal with. That doesn’t sound like a very pleasant experience. It’s always better to be proactive.

  1. Length of the Project

You must have a rough outline of the book and the total word count that it will take to complete the book. This is the standard system of measure in the ghostwriting niche. The cost of your project will be defined by the total word count. If you’re having difficulty estimating the word count for your book, your ghostwriter can help determine it for you. But in order to make a practical estimate, you would still need the outline of your book defined. At any rate, you will have some initial information for your ghostwriter to work with anyway.

  1. Publishing and Book Marketing Services

Hiring a ghostwriter means that you’re paying someone to write the words for you, and that’s basically about it. Once the book is written, it serves you no practical purpose in life if it’s only going to sit and collect dust. The ghost has helped you write the book, now what? Now you publish what you’ve worked so hard to produce, and then market it as a brand - a product that people should buy, and that is a whole different ordeal. Be prepared to deal with that phase of the book writing process. Not all ghostwriters handle the publishing and marketing of your product. However, you may also find some ghostwriters who will take care of it for you. But you will have to decide on it before you hire the ghost.

With all of that been said, all final decisions are still going to be in your hands. If there’s something you want dealing with exceptions, you can communicate it to your ghostwriter and see if they can deliver. At the end of the day, the author of the book is still going to be you.


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