What is A Good SaaS for Identity Verification?

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What is A Good SaaS for Identity Verification?

Posted By Eldon Broady     Jan 7    


SaaS: Offering software-as-a-service over the Internet. You don't have to install or maintain software; just access it remotely, avoiding complicated hardware and software management.

In this new age of cloud computing, many companies are looking towards hosted solutions. Some say an online form filled in by the customer at the time of registration is enough. This way, they store all the information needed by the customer in a (central database). It's only possible to access the company's database by using its internal system. The customer need not provide any passwords or other means of authentication so that the company's data stays safe from unauthorized access. However, some feel that it is an unsatisfactory solution that does not allow easy access to all the data pertinent to the user.

A better way is to use a web-based SaaS. It allows users to access information at any time. As such, a SaaS id verification API can prove to be a very convenient and cost-effective way of ensuring personal identity and data security. Click here for more information on best id verification API. Click here for more information on the best id verification API.

A web-based SaaS can also help ensure privacy as it holds all user information. However, many still question the security of a user's data while relying on SaaS hosted solutions. To counter this, there are web-based applications that do not hold the data of the user. These "client-side" solutions let the user surf the web and store I.D. verification API information safely without necessarily storing it on the server.

Features you should look for in SaaS and ID verification API:

• Anti-fraud measures

• Worldwide coverage

• Combining human and artificial intelligence

• Various means of verification

• Optical character recognition (OCR) data extraction

• Comprehensive datasets

• Multilingual support

• Compliance with KYC and AML

• Accuracy and efficiency

• Transparency in customer relations

In addition to being easy to use and access, a web-based application can prove to be quite flexible. While some SaaS applications limit the domain name and user names a person can access, others allow a person to create as many profiles as he or she wishes and maintain email addresses across various platforms. In other words, it is possible to have a separate email address for each user with a distinct function, such as allowing a business owner to post job information across multiple platforms. Beyond basic functionality, other features will prove useful to the business community, such as inventory tracking and reporting.

With all of these benefits, it becomes clear that an application that can perform identity verification is in high demand. However, a company must first make sure that they choose an appropriate solution. In general, a company should choose a SaaS that grants identity and password protection while providing a complete suite of online functions. At the same time, it should offer access to all of the needed services to manage one's identity. Thus, when considering good SaaS identity verification, the user should search for a SaaS solution that provides all of the expected functionality and meets business security requirements.

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