Some Situations About Safety Rubber Boots

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Some Situations About Safety Rubber Boots

Posted By hu jin     January 11, 2021    


Because the rubber material has precious elasticity. The application of Safety rubber boots for public works can effectively increase the elasticity of the track structure, reduce the dynamic stress of the track structure and the load and stress of the track bed, thereby reducing the vibration and noise caused by the wheel-rail interaction. This has an irreplaceable effect on improving ride comfort, reducing noise pollution, reducing line diseases, and extending the life of corresponding parts of rolling stock.

In the city light rail. At present, there are mainly three types of under-rail rubber pads, rubber boots and under-plate micro-hole rubber pads. In rubber accessories for railway lines.

New rubber pad size, rigidity and physical property testing requirements including more demanding compression set resistance and aging resistance. Furthermore. Research and production units should improve the elasticity and aging resistance of rubber materials from the aspect of formula design.

With the construction of passenger dedicated lines. The amount of under-rail rubber pads for passenger dedicated lines is also gradually increasing. Compared with the pads of ordinary lines, this product is lighter than passenger cars. Therefore, the design requires the product to be less rigid. In order to ensure that it provides suitable elasticity and meets the comfort requirements of passenger cars, this product requires a special dynamic stiffness/static stiffness ratio. This is also the difficulty of formula development for this type of product.

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