Full patch notes for Path of Exile Echoes of the Atlas

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Full patch notes for Path of Exile Echoes of the Atlas

Posted By willaqjw willaqjw     January 14, 2021    


Veteran players should know that the latest extension of Path of Exile is Echoes of the Atlas, and it will be launched on PC for a few days on January 15. Grinding Gear Games has released patch notes prior to Buy POE Currency release. GGG previously shared information about passive skill trees and made some game balance changes.

The long list shows almost all the contents of the patch, including the ritual challenge league, major new content and features, minor new content and features, robbery changes, harvest changes, role balance, skill balance, specific skills, Vaal skill balance , Support gems, balance, passive tree balance, advantage balance, advantage rework, other enhancements, item balance, cluster jewelry balance, unique item balance, monster changes, atlas and map changes, Zana League Mods available during 3.13.0 , User interface improvements, task rewards, PvP changes, and finally bug fixes.

There are too many to dissect each patch description here. If you are interested, read the full patch notes carefully.

Developer Grinding Gear Games was inspired by the echoes of the Atlas movie Path of Exile extension and announced some balance messages. Through "some", there are many. The balance changes outlined are just some of the upcoming changes, but they do highlight the most important changes in balance changes. The specific values of the discussed changes will be posted in the patch notes.

Balance changes involve almost everything, including takeoff, halo stackers, piercing mechanics, minions, improving underutilized skills, skill changes, flask bonuses on critical strike cooldown, unique items, alternate quality changes, and far Shoot, tail wind and elemental shield effects.

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