Animal Crossing: The Source of Happiness

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Animal Crossing: The Source of Happiness

Posted By zhang hua     January 17, 2021    


Animal Crossing is a magical place. It uses a zero-based way to live. Players build houses and islands from scratch. Allows players to bring villagers to their islands and form communities from scratch. Because Animal Crossing allows players to place and move furniture outdoors, a map is added, which emphasizes the aesthetic customization of the player’s island.

Players who do not have a good idea can refer to the works of excellent player islands. In addition to the unique design, you can also use ACNH Bells sold by ACBellsBuy to decorate your island. Customizing New Horizons Island may have no thoughts at first, but the ideas of Animal Crossing fans are cool and unique, and a unique town layout has now been created to help inspire others.

First, create an island entrance. In this way, the player can reach the player’s island from the airport of the multiplayer game machine. The entrance of the island can also use a combination of flowers and a map to beautify the area above the airport terminal, which looks more natural.

The island may not be so neat at the beginning. At the beginning of the game, players can do many things to personalize their island, such as planting flowers and paving roads. Buying ACNH Nook Miles Tickets as decoration is also a good idea. Due to the placement of outdoor furniture, seemingly randomly placed trees, weeds, flowers, path segments, and furniture create a landscape, which many people think is more attractive than the uniform grid layout of a typical town.

The possibilities of unique islands among the various tools of Animal Crossing are almost limitless. If players want to become crazy and want to create something truly unique, they can choose to transform the entire island, but recreating an iconic design depends on their imagination.