World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' popular ToxiUI is a minimalist ElvUI editor

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' popular ToxiUI is a minimalist ElvUI editor

Posted By willKing willKing     January 17, 2021    


ElvUI has been one of the most popular custom UIs in World of Warcraft for many years. The ToxiUI team created an excellent minimalist editor for Shadowlands players and added the WOW Classic Gold popular WeakAuras plugin.

Not long ago-September 2020, the creator Toxi started making ToxiUI. At first, it was a wrong attempt to copy HeyBarbarauivaUI, but then, font by font, pixel by pixel, ToxiUI was shaped into something more unique. The first "finished" version of ToxiUI had an action bar in the middle between the target box and the player unit box, but soon he finally said "This damn sucks" and found Luxthos WeakAuras! That was when he really started to move towards simplicity.

The latest version of the custom interface comes with its own installer, which makes it easy to install and customize the fix layout. It should be noted that ToxiUI is only available for Shadowlands extensions. Therefore, classic players who hope to use this interface will be disappointed. Hope that a classic version of this interface will be released in the future. Below, you will find some installation and setup instructions, as well as some actual user interface screenshots.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is Blizzard’s latest expansion for the popular MMORPG, released in the second half of last year. Our own Chris Wray reviewed the extension and was very satisfied with it. Below, you will find a small part of the comment.

This expansion will definitely bring many players back to World of Warcraft. They are already eager to explore older content that they have missed for years. Once you explore more about the Covenant and other endgames, let us know how WOW: Shadowlands works. For now, it looks positive, although it does have problems.

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