Individual Creativity
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    • Last updated January 20, 2021
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Individual Creativity

Posted By Cody Harper     January 20, 2021    


This ability has a great value in the Western civilization, but I do not agree with the statement that promoting creativity is much more important than training a person to be specialized in his or her working sphere.

On the one hand, according to the statistics project writing services, Western countries carry out a specific policy to develop individual creativity. Schools, universities as well as various art facilities give people an opportunity to act innovatively and find their own solutions to various issues. Moreover, the best Western organizations are ones with the strongest commitment to creativity. They encourage workers to be more open in their thinking in order to provide extraordinary and beneficial ideas. With the help of different approaches, creativity becomes a mechanism for organizations to be more competitive. It also gives them an opportunity to reach a global scale.

On the other hand, educational systems in Western countries provide students with a broad knowledge, because any job requires it. Furthermore, there are a lot of highly specialized jobs that are defined by the need for a lot of different skills, knowledge and experiences. For instance, a doctor must understand the concepts of the human body and be skilled in diagnosing and treatment.

In addition, there can be some negative aspects in promoting creativity as the highest value. Creativity is often considered as unmanageable, its results are unpredictable and elusive. If a country promotes creativity but does not pay much attention to the improvement of persons professionalism, it loses an opportunity to develop science and technology. The experience and knowledge are fundamental in these areas.

In conclusion, Western civilization promotes individual creativity, because it encompasses the future of our planet and enables different spheres of human life to develop. However, creativity loses its significance without knowledge. Thus, highly specialized experts and creative people have equal value.