[Poe 3.1 Build] For Scion - Bloody Explosive Cyclone With Disfavour + Haemophilia (Not a Vaal Pact Build)
    • Last updated February 25, 2019
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[Poe 3.1 Build] For Scion - Bloody Explosive Cyclone With Disfavour + Haemophilia (Not a Vaal Pact Build)

Posted By Mill Smith     February 25, 2019    


After achieving 40/40 challenges and 126/126 atlas completion in SSF Harbinger league, This Build made a decision to test out an effective physical Cyclone setup as Scion using Disfavour + Haemophilia for that bleed explosion and without depending POE Currency on Vaal Pact.The map clearing speed is fantastic. The higher the density, the faster it gets cleared. This Build seemed to be able to try and do Hydra Guardian deathless using a sub-optimal 5L setup on Belly chest (the best gem setup of Cyclone must be in Disfavour, but This Build has yet to 6L it).
+ High leech from physical damage assists you to drop Vaal Pact
+ Because you won't run Vaal Pact, traps in Uber Lab becomes no concern (notably if you wear Death's Door boots)
+ The unique flask that you will have is Lion's Roar
- Physical reflect might take one shot you if you happen to be not using Sibyl's lament + Soul of Yugul
- Can't-do no leech map
- Need int and dex on rings/amulet
Read This Build Detail
Commonly, they could possibly be not really worth problems for reasons that are sufficient inside extended run. Whilst they can be useful for players who could know nothing concerning the game. For just about the most element, they're understanding tools for newcomers to relieve them to the game. For more Path of exile 3.1 Builds, it is achievable to visit MMOAH.com. Just a reminder: you will definately get 5% discount code free of charge inside reps inside the event you Get Poe Currency order using this article. Now more ways to buy bargain POE Orbs, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.