YIFAN Sofa Fabric Supplier Has a Professional Team

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YIFAN Sofa Fabric Supplier Has a Professional Team

Posted By yffz fan     January 24, 2021    


If you want to buy a leather sofa fabric, how to identify the true and false is one of the topics that first-time buyers are most concerned about. The leather sofa fabrics on the market are not much different in style, but the price is quite different. I believe that most consumers will feel deeply touched by this. Due to the continuous improvement of craftsmanship, the workmanship of some artificial leathers is almost the same as that of full cowhide, and basically, no difference can be observed with the naked eye. How to identify the authenticity of leather sofa fabrics? YIFAN sofa fabric supplier has sorted out several ways to identify the authenticity of leather sofa fabrics. There are two kinds of leather sofa fabrics, one is full cowhide (namely first layer cowhide), and the other is half cowhide (namely second layer cowhide). Although they are called the first layer of leather, their prices are still very different. The following four points will help you when purchasing leather sofa fabrics.

  1. Smell the smell

The higher the grade of leather, the higher the environmental protection factor. Because of its natural nature, few chemical raw materials are used in the process of making finished products, so the smell is relatively soft. The smell of the second-layer leather will be more choking. The domestic first-layer yellow leather has a faint smell, and the imported first-layer yellow leather has no peculiar smell, only the fragrance of the leather itself.

  1. See it

The width of the first layer of leather is larger, with a diameter of more than 3m, and the leather is well-proportioned, without gadfly or knife wounds; the diameter of the second layer of leather is about 2m to 2.5m, and most of the leather has fly wounds.

  1. Tearing resistance

According to relevant requirements, the tear resistance of the leather material must be 40 kg/cm. Specifically, the second layer of leather has a small opening of about one centimeter, and adults can easily tear it; the first layer of yellow leather has a small opening of the same size, and it takes a lot of effort for men to tear.

  1. Try to fade

The dyeing of the split leather is uneven and easy to fade. Wipe the leather with alcohol cotton 20 times repeatedly. The first layer of leather will not lose color. The leather surface, back color, and cross-section color are the same; the second layer of leather will fade, and the back color and cross-section color will be whitish.

Whether the leather sofa fabric uses the first layer of yellow cowhide or the second layer of leather, the hand feel and quality are very different, and the cost can be described as one above the other. In the sofa fabric store with a dazzling array of products, leather sofa fabrics and pseudo-leather sofa fabrics coexist, good leather sofa fabrics and sub-leather sofa fabrics coexist, hoping that bad merchants will find out and tell you the specific leathers realistically. It is really better to learn two tricks yourself. Easy to distinguish.