Modern Strong Neodymium Magnets Are Made Of Powder
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Modern Strong Neodymium Magnets Are Made Of Powder

Posted By zhijiang cii     January 24, 2021    


  Strong Neodymium Magnets are rated several ways and unless you are an engineer the basic unit of measure is lbs. Or kilograms of force required to separate a magnet in full contact with a direct pull. Note the words “Direct Pull”. I was once challenged to pull apart two small but powerful magnets with my hands. Since magnets do not resist shear as well as direct force, I simply slid them apart sideways. Getting them back together became the problem. That is why a refrigerator magnet might be hard to peel off but can be slid around.

  Sometimes magnets are not in direct contact with the item being lifted. The ability of the magnetic field to hold a given amount of weight through an air gap Is also measured. That is why your refrigerator magnet will only hold so thick a stack of documents. The magnetic field must reach through the thickness of paper.

  Modern Neo Magnets are rated with the letter N followed by a number. The highest current rating is N-52. If the rating is followed by a letter that denotes its relative resistance to temperature. If there is no letter it is considered to meet the std for that rating.

  At the end of the day “you can never have too much magnet” when it comes to matching a magnet to an application

  How Magnets Work

  The earth itself is a giant magnet. Modern magnets use different materials to achieve their great strength, but the principle of their performance is the same as the lodestone discovered about 600 BC Not all minerals are magnetic. Magnetic material like lodestone is not uniformly present in the earth’s crust. By simple definition, a magnet “Is an object that has an energy field which attracts metals like Iron, steel, and cobalt.” The word object is used because inert material can be magnetized by the creation of an electrical field around it. The “magnetic field” is a flow of energy outside the body of the object going from one pole to the other……. Negative to Positive. A metal object within that field is attracted to the object generating the field. Modern magnets are made of powder that is charged after aligning the particles to a uniform direction, literally making millions of tiny magnets work together once the powder is compressed and heated in a process called sintering. The stronger the magnet the greater the pull and reach of the magnetic field.

  Choosing a Magnet Partner

  Now that you know the basics of how to describe your magnet application and requirements it is time to find a partner. First, talking to the factory is out of the question in most applications. Most magnets are produced in Asia under license. They are bought in bulk and standard sizes by stock and sell distributors. The distributors are only as good as their Asian suppliers, their ability to stock a wide array of products is a function of financial strength. Because of their complexity it is quite easy to make a mistake when speccing a magnet on the internet. Do not hesitate to reach out to a search result that meets the basic criteria of your Neodymium Magnet Manufacturer. If a human being picks up the phone quickly and seems knowledgeable you are on your way to a good low-cost solution.