How To Break The Space Up To Fit Outdoor Aluminum Dining Set
    • Last updated January 24, 2021
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How To Break The Space Up To Fit Outdoor Aluminum Dining Set

Posted By dali Guan     January 24, 2021    


  outdoor aluminum dining set and accessories can be expensive. Here are my tips for getting a high-end look for less!

  want to share my budget decorating tips and show how decorating on a tight(er) budget–cause let’s face it, budget decorating is a relative term–is both possible and obtainable!

  Outdoor Decorating Tip 1: No Matter How Large Or Small Your Space, Think In Terms Of Outdoor Rooms

  Our patio is a large rectangle, and I broke the space up into a dining area and seating area. We also have a portable fire pit that we use between the two spaces when we want to roast s’mores. (My hope is to create a a beautiful gravel fire pit area on our property soon, but that’s going to require some money and excavating and will have to wait for now.) Even if all you currently have is a small balcony, think about how you want to utilize the space and purchase furniture that will allow you to make the most of it!

  Outdoor Decorating Tip 2: Use Outdoor Rugs To Ground Each Space

  Outdoor rugs are one of my favorite outdoor decor inventions ever! They clean up easily, look beautiful, and complete a space. I just blow mine off with a leaf blower once a week and they look good as new. Our patio receives a lot of hot South Carolina sun so after rain showers our rugs tend to dry out quickly. If your patio is shaded but not covered, then an outdoor rug might not be the best option for you. Instead consider painting your patio to create a cement tile or rug look.

  Outdoor Decorating Tip 3: Think Outside The Box For Your Floral Containers

  Fresh flowers always make a table, and I love adding them indoors and out! When arranging flowers, think outside the box for your vases.

  On my table, I used an ice bucket and two toothbrush holders as vases!

  Outdoor Decorating Tip 4: To Elevate The Look For An Evening, Use Indoor Items Outside

  Melamine and plastic dishes have come a long way, but I still like to use real dishes for a more formal feel. I like to create a look of casual elegance by mixing casual elements with lots of texture.

  I often use indoor toss pillows outside just for the evening and bring them insides when the day is done.

  Outdoor Decorating Tip 5: Use A Simple Color Scheme To Create A Cohesive Look

  I’ve repeated this tip several times on the blog before, but it’s one worth repeating! If you’re looking for a way to quickly elevate your look, choose only two colors to decorate with. Using multiple colors for a bold, eclectic look is lovely but requires more skill to pull off. Keeping the color palette simple allows you to decorate with confidence. Add textures and layers to keep the space from looking flat.

  Outdoor Decorating Tip 6: Use Drink Bottles As Decor

  This tip might sound silly but think about your favorite outdoor restaurants. Oftentimes they come to the table with a glass carafe of ice water with maybe a side of citrus and leave it on the table for you. It’s welcoming, it allows you to control your water/lemon ratio, and it looks lovely on the table! You can easily replicate this for your guests with pretty bottles of lemonade, or glass carafes filled with water.

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